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At * •>* 


Thank You! 

We dedicate this yearbook and also offer an extra spe- 
cial thank you to Mr. John Moore. The Yearbook staff, 
especially Renee and Isobel, are grateful for all your 
assistance. You didn't seem to mind us barging into 
your class rooms and wasting your time. You were al- 
ways willing to help. You came to our rescue by often 
delaying the publisher , because we couldn t get our act 
together or Charity had misunderstood. We think you 
must have saved our lives at least a dozen times. This 
book never would have been finished without you. Your 
the best! 

We the senior class thank Mr. David Whiting for all 
his help, patience and support this past year. He has 
dedicated his time, and himself to the Methuen High 
School senior classes for the past twenty -five years. 
Everyone has appreciated it, so we dedicate this book 
to you. Without Mr. Whiting the Prom, Graduation 
and countless other class activities may have ended in 
total chaos, or worse may have never even occurred. 
We will all miss your enthusiasm and charm. Good 
luck in the xears to come..' 


Charles Littlefield 

Elizabeth Keroack 
Asst. Superintendent 

Marilyn Harris 
Asst. Superintendent 

Arthur Nicholson 

A. Steven Francis 
Asst. Principal 

Marianne Martin 
Asst. Principal 

Carolyn Adams 
title I 

Lisa Alaimo 

Athletic Secretary 



Joseph Austin 
Occ./Voc. Ed. —Dept. Head 

Alton Bailey- 

Gary Banks 
Special Ed. 

David Belliveau 

Karen Bergeron 
Pins. Ed. 

Patricia Borucki 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Linda Boxleitner 

Lois Boynes 

Richard Brain 

Dean Brouder 

Daniel Burton 

Judy Cade 
Home Ec. — Dept. Head 


Joseph Caruso 
Foreign Language 

Janice Callamore 

Marie Comeau 

Nancy Cook 

Elaine Crane 

William Cullen 

Sheila Cunningham 

Richard Czarnec 
Industrial Art. — Dept. Head 

Diane Dandreta 
Social Studies 

Ann Marie Desroches 
Home Ec. 

Gary Dionne 
Special Ed. 



Jackie Dirsa 

Marilyn Dufton 

Anne Eckman 

Charles Eksoozian 
Title I 

Paul Fiorentini 
Social Studies 

Marianne Flynn 
Title I 

Joseph Forseze 

Robert Fradette 
Math — Dept. Head 

Linda Friel 
Media Center 

Roger Fuller 


Gerard Gagne 

Foreign Language 

— Dept. Head 

Joyce Gagnon 

Joanne Gallagher 

Regina Giglio 
Special Ed. 

Helen Gorman 
Special Ed. 

Kathy Green 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Carolyn Griffin 
Special Ed. 

Shaun Gurry- 

Douglas Hallbauer 

Karen Hallbauer 
Foreign Language 

James Healey 
Social Studies 

Daniel Herlihy 

Judy Hiller 

Kenneth Hoffman 
Media Center 

Alvin Huebner 
Guidance — Dept. Head 


Michael Hughes 
Social Studies — Dept. Head 

Sherri Isbister 
Fine Arts 

Frances Kaplan 
Home Ec. 

Doreen Keller 

Edward Kelley 
Industrial Tech. 

Mary Coleman Kennedy 
Special Ed. 

Dennis King 

Larry Klimas 
Phys. Ed. 

Ann Marie Krusell 

Gloria Lamphier 

Sharon Landers 

Gary Lane 

Milton Lebowitz 

Carole Levesque 
Foreign Language 

Leonie Longshore 

Neil Lynch 
Foreign Language 

Linda Lyons 
Occ.lVoc. Ed. 

Jean Mathes 
English! Social Studies 

Peter Mazzaglia 

Michal McCormick 
Social Studies 

James McDermott 
Phys. Ed. 

Susan McGrath 

Dorothy Mcintosh 
Program Assistant 

Marion Minahan 

John Moore 
Science — Dept. Head 

Marianne Moran 

Margaret Moynihan 
Media Center 

John Nigrelli 
Social Studies 

Mario Pagnoni 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Waller Pare 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 

Diane Pellegrino 

Patricia Pelletier 
Media Center 

Ann Marie Pinet 

Mary Pollard 
Special Ed. 

Julie Pomerleau 


Frank Rapisardi 

Trudy Redmond 
Special Ed. 

Robin Roberts 
Special Ed. 

Joseph Robillard 
Phxs. Ed. 

Robert Rosemarino 
Social Studies 

Rhonda Ruhmshottel 

Peter Salemi 

Anthony Sanderson 

Gail Sanguedolce 
Media Center 

Rita Sanguedolce 
Media Center 

\f \aBa 

Frank Savory 
Performing Arts 

Carol Scalera 
Social Studies 

Dean Schneider 

Donald Sestini 

Barbara Sexton 
Computer Secretary 

James Shamberger 
Industrial Arts 

Betty Shaw 
Media Center 

Ellen Sicard 

Donald Smith 
Social Studies 

Jennifer Smith 
English — Dept. Head 

Mimi Hyde-Stott 
Phys. Ed. 

Claire St. Piere 
Occ.lVoc. Ed. 

Steven Sudol 
Occ.lVoc. Ed. 

Noreen Tanglis 

Beverly Taylor 
Foreign Language 

Brian Urquhart 
Athletic Director 

Kathy Vanhorn 
Foreign Language 

Mary Viscosi 

Susan Wagner 
Fine Arts 

Patricia Walsh 
Occ./Voc. Ed. 


'» -'n 



1994 Senior Class Officers 


President: Suzan Beaurgard 

Vice President: Donny Mustapha 
Secretary: Alejandra Rodriguez 

Treasurer: John Feugill 


President: Miguel Perez 
Vice President: Jennifer Webb 
Secretary: Eddie Orsini 
Treasurer: Amy Boucher 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Junior Class Officers 

Erin Stewart, Laura Abraham, Laura San- 



Freshman Class Officers 





Erin Beshara, Kathy Cote, Lori Dellicolli 

Student Senate 

FR: Darcie Donegan, Kim Salem, Dawn Bistany, Sarita Patel, Kristen Longo, Rosa Chiola, Jessica D'Buro 
MR: Arianne Duerr, Jill Ouellette, Cori Miner, Jessica Sirasnick, Keri Tombarelli, Kerrie Valcour, Patrick 
O'Donnell, Erica Moreno, Lindsay DeCecco, Advisor Marianne Moran 

BR: President Katie Giglio, Tammy Schubert, Nino Chiola, Mike Grassi, Tim Smith, Vanesa Henry, Frank 
Biancardi, Diana Rubin 

Student Advisory Board 

FR: Katie Giglio, Rosa Chiola, Tammy Schubert 
BR: David Chiola, Vanesa Henry, Nino Chiola 


Peer Leaders 

Upper Classmen 

FR: Mariselle Velez Cintton, Sital Bhadola, Tara Nolet, Alejandro Rodriguez, Alison Forsythe, Heather Melito 

R2: Erica Max, Janice, Katie Giglio, Caryn Picarillo, Farrah Douglas, Darlele Ferreira, Isobel Burke, David Caroll 

R3: Erin McCall, Melanie Willis, Jamie DeCubellis, Beth Brucato, Jenn Cormier, Rachel Freedman, Melanie Russo 

BR: Miguel Perez, Aleen Saraceno, Jennifer Smith, Jenne Pierce 

Inder Classmen 

R: Rosa Bruno, Julie Gosselin, Meg Marcoux, Thanh Truong, Lisa Grew, Stephanie Beeley, Mary Eaton, 

vlyn Rodriguez 

'2: Lori Dellicolli, Brenda Bergeron, Bethany Barbagallo, Lindsay DeCecco, Diane Gabryjelski, Kathy Cote, 

ara Pearson, Patti'ann Pawlick, Martha Eaton, Amanda Shaw 

'3: Shawn McCarthy, Jason Benoit, Susie Castillo, Jessica Strasnick, Diana Rubin, Ingrid Vasquez, Matt 

'iglio, Louis Marcoux 

R: Matt Twomey, Matt Houshan, Dayo Ibreheem, Tom Greenwood, Brian Bettano, Hris Harrington, Mike 



3m % 


FR: Jocelyn McCann, Heather MacBride, Justine Freeman, Jena Gingirs. L. Rosa Bruno, Dianna Bruno, Jessica 

DeBurro, Katie Vaughn, Nately Clark, Lori Fazio, Stephanie Saba 

MR: Advisor Mrs. Isbister, Mark Berg, Louis Martone, Jessica Arsenault, Danielle Rohare, Julie Gosslin. Laura 

Ackroyd, Laura Mancini, Heather Goodwin, Jason Maxwell, Eddie Orsini 

BR: Advisor Mr. Sistini, Juan Custamos, Sam Abreu, Dayo Ibrahem, Erica Max, Janice Bashford, Donny 

Mustapha, Vanessa Henry, Miguel Perez, Dave Chiola, Nicole White 

Different Colors Clut 

FR: Cathrine Debrocke, Sapna Bhadola, Sital Bhadola, Advisor Mrs. Isbister. Founder Janice Bashford. 

Purnima Bhagat, Rosa Chiola, Kerry Ann Keenan, Son Chung 

R2: Diana Rubin. Maria Anctil. Darlene Ferreira, Tamika Miller, Jackie Mendez. Young Kim. Tim Theberge. 

Leslie Brown. Monia Ata. Alike Stanca 

R3: Farrah Douglas. Aleen Saraceno. Patrick O'Donnell. Jessica Arsenault. Annie Brown. Danielle Robare. 

Regina Weldon, Jason Sanguedolce, Parag Patel. Eddie Orsini 

BR: Tom Fawcett, Dayo Ibrahem. Erica Max, Vanessa Henry. Andrew Griffin. Marissa Kaslow. Mike 

Hoffman, Miguel Perez, Matt Howshan, David Chiola. Christos Tikelis, Rachel Campbell 


^rench Honor Society 

Spanish Honor Society 

\ionia Ata 

^vBBHWK^* W^^* 

FR: Heather Melito, Marisele Velez Cintron 

MR: Tim Carritte, Alejandro Rodriguez, Kim Salem, Ivelizbeth Rodriguez 
BR: David Caroll, Danielle Robare, hobel Burke, Rachel Campbell, Tammy 


National Honors Society 

FR: Jill Packard, Isobel Burke, Eric Jeanes, Kevin Wright 

R2: Tim Carritte, Caryn Picarillo, Tara Nolet, Tanya Leal. Beth Brucato, Silal Bhadola. Thu Nga Nguyen. Kcll\ 

McNeill, Carrie Hamman, Melanie Russo, Kale Vaughan, Kim Salem, Chau Nguyan, Jennifer Smith 

R3: Laura Mancini, Jenn Cornier, Ryan Carson, Jenne Pierce. Kelly Kinneen. Masumi Paid. Rachel Freedman. Amy 

McQuilkin, Renee Biancardi. Laura Arnold, Jamie Snow, Rebecca Consentino. Nick Patel. Elaine Sturgii 

BR: Christine Reilly. Frank Botta. Jeff Hallman, Chris Thomas. Mark Ruggiero. Sean Gregoire, Mike Grassi, Brett 

Cagliuso, Katie Milton. Audra Rovinski. David Caroll. Beth Bergeron, Mike Kam. Dave Cianciolo 


Spanish Club 

FR: Eddie Orsini, Joe Normandin, Maggie Maclellan, 

Hanh Le, Jason Naroian, Kelly McNeill, Heather 

Melito, Janelle Deacy, Cathrine Debrocke , SaritaPatel, 

Kristen Longo, Kate Vaughan, Crissabl Ovalles, Jessica 


MR: Amy Beaulieu, Chrissy Oliveri, Shannon Towne, 

Aeleen Saraceno. Alejandro Rodriguez, Rachel Freed- 

man, ChristeneReilly, Parag Patel, Jason Sanguedolce, 

Tim Theberge, Tim Carritte 

BR: Maria Anctil, Jong Baik, David Dawe, Andrew 

Griffin. Vanessa Henry, David Caroll, Marisele Velez 

Cintron, Katie Milton, Masumi Patel, NickPatel, Vishad 


French Clubi 

FR: Crissabel Ovalles, Kerry Ann Keenan, Allici 
Stanca, Young Kim, Muribel Mendez, Purnima Bhagat, 
Jenn Cormier 

BR: Erica Max, Miguel Perez, Jeff Hellman, Rebecca 
Concentino, Jackie Mendez 

Italian Club 

FR: Crissabel Ovaloes. Rosa Chiola. Iris Candelario 
BR: Miguel Perez. David Chiola, Tara Lewandowsk, 
Erica Moreno, Anthony Puopolo 


Blue and White 

'R: Kate Vaughan, Tracey Huton, Sarah Concentino, 
lathan Clark, Sharon Pultar 

l'R:JeffHallman, RyanCarson, Kelly Kinneen, Rebecca 
'oncentino, Danielle Robare, Larue Mancini, Aleen 

Desktop Publishing 

FR: Michelle Desmond, Jenny Saba, Elizabeth Smith, 
Sarah Concentino, Nathan Clark, Kate Vaughan, 
lessica Berube, Kirk Saraceno 

BR: Ray Pelletier, Chuck Gannon, Julie Gosslin, Brenda 
Bergeron, Rebecca Concentino, Tracey Hutton, Laura 
Mancini, Sharon Pultar 

FR: Jennifer Webb, Jodi Bertrand, Tracey Hutton, Jamie 


BR: Mark Ruggiero, Bob Ruggiero, Chris Pollock 



FR: Cathrine Debrocke, Janelle Deacy, Martha Eaton, Nicole White, Mary Eaton, Christina DiCroce 
MR: Darcie Donegan, Wendy Allen, Mireille Farah, Annie Brown 
BR: Chris Cardone, Jeff Hellman, Miguel Perez 

Academic Internship f 

FR: Jen Holden, Kerrie Valcour, Gina Frittitta 

BR: Sarah Huskey. Rebecca Concentino. Eric Riddle. Paul Rapazzo 



Co-op Education 

BR — Holly D'Angelo, Jen Buck, Christina Savoy 
FR — Marcia Cruz, Tiffany Daigle 

Business Co-op 

FR: Stacy Newton, Natalie Boutot, Jaime Mustapha, Ann Marie Guy, Rae Jean Dube 

MR: Advisor Mr. Brain, Christine Bazdanes, Tricia Cieclik, Jaime Clark, Angel-Lee Blaisdell. Pam Bohne, 

Laurie Wedge, Rita Gauthier 

BR: Mike Powers, Eric Cayer, Paul Gauthier, Sean Laratonda, Ron Newcomb, Melissa McNary, Shannon 

Witkum, Jen Drummond, Estelle Tobin, Michael Concepcion 


Distributive Education 

FR: Jen Cusick, Carta Thompson, Gabrielle Depew 

BR: Ryan Curtin, Elizabeth, Bogonis, Jeff Morin, Advisor Mr. Sousa 

Child Development 

FR: Melissa Drew, Nicole Roy 

MR: Lairie Wedge, Pam Bohne. Rita Gauthier 

BR: Shelly Hendrick. Noelle Favazza, Christina Savoy. Trade Moury, Trade Carritte, Susan Caffney 


Office Help 

Media Center Help 

FR: Matt Tarness, Sheri Bohne, Christine Lemieu 
BR: Justine Freedman, Annie Brown, Casey Pellitier, Jonathan Totman, Kerry Samataro 

e R: Rachel Campbell, Matt Mical, Marybeth Bova 

MR: Amy Chavez, Lucy Coco, Nicole Roy 

3R: Jenn Demers, Jennifer Duby, Jaime Mustapha, Tiffany Daigle 


FR: Chau Nguyen, Thu Nga Nguyen, Sarita Patel, Hanh 


MR: Jenn Cormier, Mun Kim, Young Kim, Jarrett 

Beeley, Joe Normandin 

BR: Masumi Patel, Parag Patel, Jason Sanguedolce, 

Vishad Patel, Can Nguyen, Eddie Orsini 

Math Team 

FR: Chau Nguyen, Tha Nga Nguyen, Young Kim, Mun Kim 
BR: Hanh Le, Sarita Patel, Masumi Patel 


FR: Kelley Kinneen. Mike Kam 
BR: Isobel Burke. Eric Jeanes 


Chess Club 


Music Honors Society 

FR: Bethany Lasonde, Carrie Hamman, Sarita Pate!, Hye Chung Shin 

MR: Bryant Clark, Annie Brown, Michelle Michaud, Melissa Belavance, Melissa Drew, Mghan Bailey, Lenny Bretton 

BR: Jill Packard, Julie Aziz, Liz Drew, Jong Baik, Stephanie Hamel, Danielle Robare, David Slipp 

Art Honors Society 

**\ & 

*>tacia Tokowicz, Shawn Doherty, Jessica Arsenault, Christos Tikelis, Kristen Field, Dan Palmer, Kerry Samataro 

R2: Heather Torla, Debbie Tessier, Thu Nga Nguyen, Young Kim, Sinh Nguyen. Shane Lemieux, 

\nthony Cimino, Alecia Salvo, Sean Shapiero 

R3: Erica Max, Michael Consepcion, Louis Martone, Phillip Stella, Nicole White, Amanda Crowell, 

Kerri Demers, Rebecca Concentino, Regina Weldon 

3R: Janice Bashford, Darcy Ladd. Eddie Orsini, Heather Greenwood, Heather Smith, 

lohn Garand, Keith Pierce, Jamie Casidv, Steve Kenher 




Color Guard 

FR: Annie Brown, Liz Drew 

MR: Amy Lakin, Kellie Doherty, Melissa Belavance, Marie Lemay 

BR: Julie Gosslin, Jennifer Grillo, Stephanie Hamel, Stephanie Buck, Beth Page 


Marching Band 


FR: Bethany Lasonde, Jill Packard. Peter Rock, Melissa Drew. Michelle Michaud. Chris Valliere, Bryan Buck 

MR: Bryant Clark. Mike Hoffman. Danielle Robare. Leslie Brown. Carrie Hamman. Meghan Bailey. Amy 

D'Agostino, Bethany Greemwood. Sonia Leal 

BR: Jong Baik, Jason Huh, Dustin Bona, Andre Garand. David Slipp. Lisa Michaud. Lenny Bretlon. Tom 



Jazz Band 

FR: Brian Buck, Carrie Hamman, Mike Hoffman, Jill Packard, Danielle Robare, Leslie Brown, Michelle Michaud, 

Amy D'Agoslino 
BR: Lisa Michaud, Dan Vicente, Jong Baik, Lenny Bretton, David Slipp, Bryant Clark. Jennifer Dube, Meghan 

Bailey, Andre Garand 

vncert Band 

? R: Amy D'Agostino, Sarita Patel, Melissa Quintan, Meghan Bailey, Heather Murray, Bryan Buck, Amy 

-akin, Bethany Lasonde, Dong Shin, Leslie Brown, Michelle Michaud, Sonia Leal, Hye Chung Shin, Bethany 

Greenwood, Chris Valliere 

4R. Dan Vicente, John Garand, Tommy Spitalere, Mike Hoffman, Danielle Robare, Jill Packard, Peter Rock, 

'Mid Alhussaini, Jennifer Hamel, Liz Drew, Melissa Drew, Melissa Bellavance, Stephanie Hamel, Carrie 


iR: Jason Hall, Anthony Puopolo, Jong Baik, Dustin Bona, Andre Garand, David Slipp, Steve Blinn, Bryant 

^lark, Jennifer Dube, Jennifer Grillo, Lenny Bretton, Mike Santoro, Lisa Michaud 


V7"* 1 . 


FR: John Grand, Sal Delmante, Stephanie Saba, Elizabeth Smith, Mike Hoffman. Sharon Pultar, Rebecca 
Concentino, Danielle Robare, Lucy Coco, Meredith Shea, Marissa Kaslow, Stacy Packard 

BR: Julie Azia, Annie Brown, Kristine Laschi, Calhrine Dehrocke, Michelle Desmel, Leslie Brown. Kate Vaughan, 
Sheri Kerby, Tracey Borucki, Janelle Deacy, Chert Thunstrom, Julie Gosselin 

Dance Club 

Marie Lemey. Katie Vaughan. Kristen Longo, Alice Stanca, Aleen Saraceno. Julie Gosselin, Christine Reilly. 
Brenda Bergeron 


1994 Yearbook Staff 

EDITOR: Renee Biancardi 

ASST. EIDTOR: Isobel Burke 

LAYOUT EDITORS: Isobel Burke, Suzan 


AD SALES: Tammy Schubert, Tanya Leal 

ASST. COPY EDITORS: Amy McQuilkin, Lynne 

Sarao, Dawn Bistany 

STAFF Alison Forsythe, Sital Bhadola, Jodi Ber- 
tran, Christina DiCroce, Tara Nolet, 
Heather D'Urso, Donnie Mustapha, Chris 


Junior Prom: April 29, 1994 

Milli Vanilli 

This year the first annual Milli Vanilli lip sine contest was 
held at the Methuen High School Auditorium. Individuals 
and groups were given the opportunity to strut their stuff in 
front of hundreds of adoring fans. The night was a huge 

Some of the highlights of the show included, the girls basket- 
ball team better known as Sister Act, The teachers perform- 
ing Van Halen, The Supremes, The Beach Boys, The long 
lost "We love Methuen" disco song and countless others. 
First place winners for the evening were Suzan Beauregard, 
Patricia Cieslik, Jenn Dequinto, Alexandra Farfan, Veron- 
ica Landry, Carlos Orsini, Jenn Park, Kim Salem, and Jenny 
Santana preforming "If by Janet Jackson. Second place 
was won by Nino Chiola and Emily Brown preforming and 
act from "Greece". Third place went to four juniors per- 
forming a popular hit by Envouge. 






This year' s football team put in a lot of hard 
work and dedication to make this year a great 
one. Senior captains John Feugill, Joe Sangue- 
dolce, and Charlie Towne led the team to a sea- 
son that ended with a record of 6-3-1 . J. Feugill, 
M. Palmer, J. Sangueldolce, M. Santiago, and 
T. Smith were named all-conference and J. Feu- 
gill and J. Sanguedolce will play in the Shriners 
game in June. Quarterback Chuck Silva was 
named outstanding back. The team ended the 
season with a win against Dracut on Thanksgiv- 
ing with a score of 38-13. 

Seniors: FrR (L-R) M. Fishwick, M. Zoltko. S. Lomagno. J. Sangueldolce. J. Feugill. C. Towne. M. Palmer. E. 
Jeanes, C. Silva, J. Ramy, M. Santiago, S. Abrue. BR (L-R) R. Geffrard, J. Larcome. R. Rodriguez. R. Cruz, S. 
DiPrima, F. Estevez. 



If you want to know the meaning of real team 
spirit then just take a look at these girls. This 
year's field hockey team had an excellent sea- 
son. They worked hard and came together to 
make this their first winning season in a 
time. They ended the season with a final record 
of 8-5-2. This year's senior captains Caryn Pic- 
arillo, Alecia Salvo, Kerry Samataro, and 
Tammy Schubert led the team to the states. Sen- 
iors Alison Moran and Keri Tombarelli were 
chosen to the all-conference and senior Caryn 
Picarillo and junior Far a Mansour were named 
all-stars. Together, they made this a year they 
could all be proud of. 

\'iSmt ^<H&Bnt£KicJr t#**KJra£iifl 

«•"•»■>• -f* ,—". Y.'^S^fci 

bVV*m£^ a * _ jr* 

FrR (L-R) K. Giglio, T. Schubert, K. Samataro, A. Salvo, C. Picarillo, M. Klier, A. Moran. K. Tombarelli. MR 
(L-R) J. Cormier, B. Brucato, J. McCarthy, J. Furey, A. Robinski, A. Boucher, F. Mansour. BR (L-R) T. Aziz. E. 
Stewart, H. St. Louis, C. Miner, K. Milton. 



This year's boys soccer team was led by captains 
Eric Riddle and Dan Grelle. They showed their 
team spirit and played well during the season. 
Dan Grelle made All Conference, and Eric Rid- 
dle, even with his knee injury, was named All 
Star. He was also awarded the Coaches Award, 
while Dan Grelle was named MVP, and Tim 
Yerin was awarded Most Improved. 

FR (L-R): coach, Chico Narganas. Buddy Bona. Kwasi Dwomoh, Can Nguyen. John McLeod, Jeff Morin, Matt 
Houshan, Pat O'Donnell. Lou Finoechiaro. Dan Grelle. BR: Eric Riddle. Mike Dacosia. Dave Chiola. Walter 
Aviles. Tim Yerian, Chris Blaser, Jeff D'Agostino. Shawn McCarthy. Sam Coco. 



tewitrnt zm 

The Methuen girls soccer team had a great sea- 
son considering it was only the second year since 
their comeback. They all pulled together and 
had many victories because of their ability to 
play well as a team. The girls finished their sea- 
son 6-6-1 . Mvc player Caty Cote led The ranger 
to many victories while all the others always 
gave their best performance. 

Back Row (l-r) Coach Julie Boland, Masumi Patel, Stacey Daher, Kendra Delicoli, Audra Abraham, Jaime 
Valente, Laura Abraham, Cara Riccio, Adrianne Duerr, Michelle Dailey, Soma Patel, Jem Ata Irani Run il r) 

Tania Leal, Sara Pearson, Rosa Chiola, Amy Wall. Nicole Wildes, Kathy Cole. Laura Sanderson, Holly D'Angelo, 

HiChunfi Shin 



The golf team, led by senior captains Tim Ouel- 
lette and David Weagle, won the MVC Large 
School Championship for the third year in a row 
and also qualified for the state tournament in 
June. Tim Ouellette placed 2nd in the MVC indi- 
viduals, Ki Kwon got the award for most im- 
proved player, Herb Hurley received the 
Coaches award, Dave Weagle was named MVP, 
and Paul Rapazzo also played well for the team. 
These five seniors all became members of the 921 
93 Undefeated Team. The team beat undefeated 
Andover in their final match ending the season 
with a record of 11-3-0. 

Golf (Varsity) FrR (L-R): Jeff Briggs. Dave Weagle. Tim Ouellette. John Desrocher BR: Kevin O'Real. Mike 
Greenwood, Ki Kwon. Paul Rapazzo 


This year's swim team was led by captains Isobel 
Burke and Rachel Campbell. Although it was a 
young team, each swimmer improved through- 
out the season. The highlights of the season were 
the North Sectional Meet and the State Meet. 
Methuen was represented at the North Sectional 
Meet by Isobel, Rachel, Shannon Towne, Kerri 
Smith, and Julie Keaney. Isobel and Kerri went 
on to the State Meet, where Isobel broke her own 
school record in the 50 free. The Coaches Award 
was presented to Rachel, Kerri received the 
Most Improved, and Isobel was awarded the 


wimming Row #/. /. Burke, R Campbell Ron #2: Coach M. Bomr. J Gosselin, M Kaslm ( Pelletier, / Pien • 
ss. Coach P. Lovely Row #3: S. Merrow. A. Shaw. T. Murphy. K. Fouquart, P. Duhc. J. Freeman. J McCatm, I 

Wilson. M. Bcllavance. S. Towne. K. Smith 



This year's girls volleyball team had a great sea- 
son, missing the states by only one game. Senior 
captains Kate Bialobrzewski and Amy McQuil- 
kin, along with the rest of the team played well 
ending the season with a record of 10-8-0. They 
beat rival Dracutfor the first time in almost ten 
years. MVC all-stars were Janice Bashford, for 
serving, Kate Bialobrzewski, for defense, and 
Amy McQuilkin, for setting. Janice was also 
named "most improved, " Kate was awarded the 
coaches award, and Amy was named MVP. 

MnZ„ */"/?' % ia ™ ar f A m y McQuilkin, Kate Bialobrzewski, Janice Bashford M Row: Maggie MacLellan Diane 
Mowatt, Kelly Robito, Kelly Kinneen B Row: Heidi Anderson. Jamie Casidy. Kendra Welch 



The Boys' Volleyball Team is in its third season 
and interest in the sport is growing. There was 
only one senior on the varsity squad this year, 
and their record could have been better. How- 
ever, by next year the team could be participat- 
ing in the state tournament. There are many 
strong juniors and sophomores ready for action. 
One of these powerful juniors is settler Mike 
Jutras. He was voted team captain this year 
along with being the MVP and an All Star 
player. The other captain was senior Can 
Nguyen and Sang Sung Cho was named Most Im- 
proved Player by coach Mark Blanchette. 

| ptains Mile Jutras and Can Nguyen 

FR: (l.-Rj Mike Goitrous, Can Nguyen 
BR: Keith Pierce. Todd Francis. Tommy Greenwood. Tim L-ltalian. Dave Dawe. Coach Mark Bla/U hi \tt 



This year The Boys' Spring Track team 
was led by some very strong and sup- 
portive seniors. It was John Feugill's 
first year throwing the shot put for 
Methuen and he did very well. John was 
the Class A State Champion, he came in 
third at the All-State Track Meet, and 
was voted the MVP infield events. Mike 
Jaber was the MVP in track events and 
Louis Martone received the Coaches 

" wm ""~ 


Captains Mike Jaber, Chris Halloway, and Alan Anselmi 




The girls' spring track team had an excellent season this 
year, ending their season 2nd in the MVC. All-Conference 
players were Rita Gallant in the discus, Audra Rovinski in 
the high jump, Diane Mowatt in the 200yd dash, and Kelley 
Kinneen in the 300 hurdles. At the Class A State Track Meet 
there were 1 st place finishes in 4 events. Diane took two of 
these positions into the long jump and 200yd dash, Rita took 
the discus, and Kelley grabbed the 300 hurdles. Audra came 
in 2nd in the high jump. Rita, Audra, Diane, and Kelley went 
on to the All State Meet and Rita and Diane went to New 
Englands. The Coaches Award was given to Keri Tom- 
bar elli. Erica Max was Most Improved, Farrah Douglas re- 
ceived the Whilaway Award, MVP Field was Rita, and MVP 
Track went to Kelley 

FR (L-R) seniors F. Douglas. K. Giglio. K. Tombarelli. R. Gallant, E Max 



The basketball team had a super season, with a 
record of 17-6. Methuen beat Central this year 
for the first time in 14 years. Methuen also made 
it to the state tournament where they faced An- 
dover for the 4th time, but, this time, the out- 
come was different. Methuen beat Andover 56- 
53 in overtime. All-Scholastic and All-Confer- 
ence player, Bob Ruggiero, joined an elite group 
this year when he scored his 1 ,000th point. All- 
Conference player. Matt Curran, was awarded 
the Bruce Blood Memorial Award for most 
assists, Eric Jeanes received the Coaches 
Award, All-Star John Teugill was awarded the 
Daniel Forest Award, and Bob Ruggiero was 

FR (L-R) B. Bottano. M. Curran (C), T. Smith. D. Fluet. M. Howshan. BR (L-R) J. Defransico. Asst. Coach J. 
Rex, E. Jeanes, J. Rose, J. Phiel, J. Feugill (C). B. Ruggiero (C). M. Ruggiero. M. Santiago. Coach Weymouth 



The 1994-95 Girls' Basketball team did a great 
job of making it happen. They stuck together and 
played well, showing all the signs of classic team 
work. Their efforts paid off and the team ended 
the season with a record of 18 and 4. Jaime Cas- 
sidy, Michelle Dailey, and Kelly Kinneen were 
named all conference, while junior, Katie 
Milton took home the Diane Beaulieu Memorial 
Trophy. Jaime Cassidy and Kelly Kinneen were 
also named co-MVP's and Alison Moran was 
given the Coaches Award. The award for Most 
Improved went to Erin Stewart 

FR: (L-R) Katie Milton. Kelly Kinneen. Alison Moran. Jamie Cassidy, Jen Bradley. Diannc Mowalt 
MR: Meghan Stewart. Michelle Dailey, Sara Pierson. Heather St. Louis 

RR: Fara Mansour. Frm Stewart 



The tennis team had an outstanding season, 
finishing 2nd in the MVC with a record of 16-2 
(the best record in school history). All- 
Conference players were Brian Kobrenski, 2nd 
singles; David Zukofski, 3rd singles; Neil 
McCarthy and John Minassian, 1st doubles; and 
Sam Bragg and Nick Patel, 2nd doubles. 
Methuen was represented at the State Individual 
meet by David Carroll, Brian Kobrenski, and 
David Zukofski. The tennis team also made it to 
the State Tournament for the 1st time in many 
years. David Carroll was the MVP, Sam Bragg 
received the Coaches Award, and Brian was the 
Most Improved. 

BR (L-R) D. Zukofski, S. Bragg, B. Kobrenski, D. Carroll, J. Minassian. N. McCarthy. Coach Smith 


The girls' tennis team improved this season, 
ending with a record of 7-9. Lisa Metropolis 
played at 1st singles, Rebecca Delduca was 2nd 
singles, and Nickie White was 3rd singles. First 
doubles consisted of Jill Packard and Isobel 
Burke. Masumi Patel received the Most Im- 
proved Award for her performance in 1st 
doubles, while Isobel was out due to a gym in- 
jury. Tara Lebel and Sarita Patel played 2nd 
doubles. Both Lisa and Rebecca played at the 
State Individual Meet. Nickie received the 
Coaches Award and Lisa was the MVP. 

IR (l.-R) K. Lonf-o. S. Paid. T. U'hel. J. Cormier 
BR (L-R) Coach Nelson. N. White. L. Metropolis. J Packard, I Burke, R Delduca 



As usual the Girls' Ski Team had an exciting sea- 
son. Its inexperienced team is doing well and 
moving up in the conference . There were a few 
superstars on the slopes skiing for the Rangers 
this year. These included both Amy McQuilkin 
and Kerry Nason. Amy missed the state race by 
about one point and Kerry Nason performed well 
at this meet. Leading the team were senior cap- 
tains Renee Biancardi and Amy McQuilkin. 
Most Improved skier was Jenn Cormier. Renee 
Biancardi was given the Coaches Award by in- 
structor Kathy Farrell and Amy McQuilkin was 
voted Most Valuable Player. 



FR: (L-R) Kerry Nason, Kami Fouquart. Jenn Webb. Heather Greenwood, Jaime Wallace, Jenn Cormier 

BR: Tanya Calamonici, Erin Coco, Meghan LaFlamme, Liz Michaud. Amy McQuiliin, Renee Biancardi, Francesco 

Beaudoin, Stacy Daher, coach Kathy Farrell 



This year the Boys' Ski Team looked towards its 
senior and junior members for the points to win 
races. With promising new skiers and a new 
coach the team will be a contender in the years to 
come. Racer Chris Pollack finished strong in 
most races and was voted MVP. Seniors Troy 
Bergeron, Matt Johnson, and Brian Keinlie 
along with juniors Keith Pierce and Mike Jutras 
all raced well for the Rangers this year. Cap- 
tains were Keith Pierce and Troy Bergeron. 
Troy was also given the Most Improved Skier 
award for 1994. 



I I 



FR: (L-R) Brum Kimball, A<I<im McCrath, trunk Biancardi, \>>hn Pickles 
BR Ryan Carson, Chris Pollack, Mike Jutras, Keith Pien e, Peter R", t Troy Bergeron, Matt Johnson, Brian 

Keinlie, Jimmy DeLuca, Patrick Pierce, Todd Pollack, i>tii> \.'o\imn 



This year's hockey team had an excellent sea- 
son, winning the majority of their games to end 
with a final record of 15-6-0. Senior captains 
Ted Dubiel, Jeff Morgano, and Shawn Pomer- 
leau did a good job of pulling the team together 
so the fans could view the real talent in the rink. 
Senior goalie, Shawn Pomerleau was named 
MVP, while Dave O'hearn walked away with the 
coaches award, and Brett Cagliuso was named 
the most improved throughout the season. An- 
other outstanding senior Ted Dubiel, along with 
Shawn Pomerleau, Dave O'hearn, and Brett 
Cagliuso were named all conference . 

I * ,r *' ispcfi tsr--- *°i 

FR: (L-R) T. Dubiel, J. Daigle, S. Pomerleau. S. McGibbon. J. Morgano. J. Dinsmore MR: T. Beaulieu. J. 
Deroches. J. Roukes. K. Kwon. B. Cagliuso. A. Petisce BR: S. Cox, M. Rapazzo. B. Dube. D. Grelle. T. 
L'ltalien. K. Barry, P. O'Hearn, C. Incollingo, P. O'Loughlin, B. Cantwell 




The track team ended their season 
with a record of 3-3. The team was rep- 
resented well at the State Track Meet. 
Mike Jaber, Joe Woekel, and Jason 
Khali I ran the 1000yd run. Miguel 
Garcia and Max Imominaya sprinted the 
300yd dash, while Larry Ellis ran in the 
mile. Chris Holloway received the 
Coaches Award, Mike Jaber was MVP 
Track and Mark Digracia was MVP 

FR: Seniors (L-R) Tim Carritte, Mike Jaber, Chris Halloway, Todd Mical, Joe Sanguedolce 


This year the track team went undefeated all 
season, clenching the MVC small school title for 
the 2nd year in a row. All-Conference players 
were Rita Gallant in the shot put, Audra 
Rovinski in the high jump, and Patti Ann Polluck 
in the 50yd dash. The 4X4 relay team of Mary 
Eaton, Martha Eaton, Keri Tombarelli, and 
Audra was named to the small school All Star 
team. At the Class A State Meet Rita took 2nd in 
the shot put and Audra grabbed 3rd in the high 
jump. Rita and Audra both went to the All State 
Meet and the Eastern State Meet. Rita was the 
Northern Area Champion in the shot put. The 
Coaches Award went to Farrah Douglas, Most 
Improved was given to Erica Max, Audra re- 
ceived the Whirlaway Award, MVP Field was 
Rita, and MVP Track was Keri Tombarelli. 

\ i 

FR: seniors (L-R) Coach Snieder. Erica Max. Rita (ialianl. Ken Tombarelli, Farrah Douglas, < oat h Blood 



Senior captains Stephanie Byrnes and 
Kerri Valcour lead the squad in numer- 
ous spirited cheers throughout the foot- 
ball season. As the ball was being 
thrown down the field in big games, 
Trina Tobacco and Bethany Lasonde 
were being thrown high above the Rang- 
er pyramids. At Awards Night Kerri was 
honored with the MVP award. Stephanie 
was given the Coaches Award and Ni- 
cole Pellitier took home the Most Im- 
proved trophy. 

(L-R) Jodi Towne, Julie Markev, Liz Dailev. Diane Gabryjelski. Trina Tobacco, Bethany Lasonde. Stephanie 
Byrnes, Kerri Valcour. Kristen Dinati. Katie Danahy, Jill Ouelettee. Amy Beauleu. Mandy Gomez. Nicole Pellitier 



Once again, the cheerleading squad performed 
with great pride and determination throughout all 
their efforts. The cheerleaders had plenty of spirit 
and support for the basketball team, which they ex- 
pressed in their unforgettable half-time performance 
"Be True to Your School" , by The Beach Boys. There 
is also no doubt that the squad' s enthusiastic cheers 
and formations were greatly appreciated as the boys 
moved to the State finals. Although the team had its 
ups and downs, captains Stephanie Byrnes and 
Kerrie Valcour insured that they all performed 
together as a squad. During the season, Nicole Pel- 
letier was named most improved cheerleader and 
Kerrie Valcour was named M.V.C. 

FR: (L-R) Bethany Lasonde, Trina Tobacco. Kerrie Valcour. Stephanie Byrnes, Katie Danahy, Kristin Dinali UK 
(L-R) Elizabeth Dal\. Diane, Jody Towne. Amy Bealieau, till Ouelette, Julie Markey. 



The girls gymnastics team had a great 
season this year, only losing two 
matches. Captain Jaime Lane led the 
team to their second place finish in the 
M.V.C. This year the Coaches award 
was given to Cori Miner, the Most Im- 
proved Award was given to Maria Antil, 
and the Most Valuable Award was given 
to Jamie Lane. Cori Miner and Jaime 
Lane were All Stars while Bethany Bar- 
bagallo was All Conference. 


FR: Upper Classmen (L-R) Com Miner, Maria Anctil. Captain Jaime Lane. Beth Brucato 



his year the wrestling team may have had one of 
s best seasons ever. Its experienced members 
jve nothing but wins to show for their efforts, 
t the Division 1 North Sectionals Methuen had 
iree first place finishers. They were Rafi Brito 
<30lbs.), RafaelCruz (160 lbs.), andSeanLar- 
tonda (1 71 lbs. ) This was the first time ever that 
tethuen has had three sectional champs in one 
ear. The winning continued at the Division 1 
late Meet. Rafi took second, Rafael came in 
lird, and Sean placed fifth. At the Awards ban- 
net Rafi Brito was crowned MVP, Sean Lar- 
tonda was named Most Improved wrestler, 
afael Cruz was given the Coaches award and 
<ino Chiola was awarded the Unsung Hero 


FR: Seniors (L-R) Alan Anselmi, Sean Laratonda, Kevin Wright, Nino Chiola. Rafeal h 

Rafi i Wright, Rafeal Urn,, 



The Baseball team had an excellent sea- 
son. Senior captains Andre Gabryjelski, 
and Bob Ruggiero lead the team to nine 
victories, which included big wins over 
Andover and rival Central Catholic. 
Mark Ruggiero had the highest batting 
average on the team, was given the Steve 
Bedrosian Award for best pitcher, and 
was named as and All Conference 
player. Matt Curran was given the 
Coaches Award, and Bob Ruggiero was 
voted Most Valuable Player for the 1994 

FR: (L-R) Mike Grassi, Matt Curran, Russ Riopelle, Andy Petispe, Jay Royston. Jay Perocchi, Chuck Silva. Pat 
0' Donne I 

BR: Coach Mario Pagnoni, Bob Belair, Mark Ruggiero, Eric Jeans, Bob Ruggiero, Garry Swell, Andre 
Gabryjelski, Dan DiBella 





^w »f 

<* \ 

•.V *> 

»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ * « 

•.T^A. ftftA«*J*^A 


ft Al* '- * 

3 W ■ 

". ••.. 


Vf <►♦♦♦♦ 
»VAV*VA ►% 

'♦* • ♦ 

f • 




»A* .» V...V, 



■••».» •- • • 




Although this year's boys cross country team 
had a disappointing season, ending with a final 
record of 1-8-1, they pulled together and gave it 
their best effort. Senior captains, Mike Jaber 
and Chris Holloway kept the teams spirits up and 
they had a lot of fun. At the end of the season 
Chris Holloway was named MVP, Mike Jaber 
was awarded Most Improved, and Joe Nor- 
mandin was given the coaches award. 

FrR (L-R) M. Jaber, C. Holloway, Coach King. MR (L-R) S. Blin. J. Kahil, Z. Ellis. J. Ferland, D. Billings. BR 
(L-R) D. Ward, M. Tarnis, S. Bonaventura, D. Perrochi. J. Normandin, J. Harrison. 



Although their record may not have shown it, the 
Girls' Cross Country team had an exciting sea- 
son. Senior captains Farrah Douglas and Dan- 
ielle Charity led the team to its only victory 
against Wilmington. This year the coach's 
award went to Danielle Charity. Michelle 
Riopelle grabbed most improved and Jana 
Scalisi was named MVP. There were a lot of 
young faces on the squad this year and their tal- 
ent promises many wins in the future. 

FR (L-R): Farrah Douglas, Manbeth Bova, Michelle Riopelle. Trtiia Murphy, Jana Scalisi, Trace} Borucki, 
Danielle Charity. BR: Alisa Kwf>. Jennifer Gossens. Jen Robichard, Jam Shamberger, Alyssa Bergeron, Melissa 

QuinUm, coach, Uremia Clarke Warne. 






Student Director Katie Nye 

Maxwell Smart Donny Mustapha 

Agent 99 Nickie White 

Helen Nikki Carrier 

Myra Kerri Vale our 

Jane Dawn Bistany 

Fred Shawn Doherty 

Professor Dante Julie Aziz 

Professor Zalinka Veronica Landry 

Agent 44 Carlos Orsini 

Chief Kevin Wright 

Miss Finch Jennifer Hamel 

Hodgkins Nino Chiola 

Man David Carroll 

Woman Elizabeth Drew 

Garth Christopher Cardone 

Mary Wong Renee Biancardi 

Shirley Wong Amy McQuilken 

Betsy Wong Janice Bashford 

Mr. Big Alan Anselmi 

Big Sister Jenny Santana 

Little Sister Alexandra Farfan 

Agent 13 Beverly Lees 

Ann Rachel Campbell 

Jilt Melissa Chase 

May Jennifer DeCunto 

Laura Jaime Schradermeier 

Princess Ingrid Suzan Beauregard 

Voice , Rebecca Consent ino 

Senior Awards Night 

M W 


■ ' ^B 

»> • 




Honors Banquet 


Homecoming night brought both laugh- 
ter and tears to four beautiful young 
ladies. Their smiles were as bright as the 
stars above them. However, the smile of 
one those young ladies would shine more 
brightly than any other on that chilly 
November night. At half time Suzan 
Beauregard was crowned Homecoming 
Queen of Methuen High School on No- 
vember 12, 1993. Her court included 
Kerrie Samataro, Patricia Cieslik and 
Tammy Schubert. 



Mr ■ 






M | 

J \^P 


k / "*** 


i J 



Stacie J. Abel 

Samuel A. Abreu 

Wendy Allen 


F-hockey (1,2); Amnesty; GLEC (2-4) 

Ambition: "To rise and soar. Hardcore" 

Alan J. Anselmi, Jr. 

"Al Little Buddie" 
Wrestling (3.4); Track (; Ambi- 
tion: "To find us for # on the telephone. " 

.'ft , 



Laura L. Arnold 

Prldrs (1,2,3.4); Nafl HS (2.3,4); Int'l 
Club(l ,2,3); Bid Mbl (4); B-ball (1 .2,3); 
F-hockey (1,2); Softball (1.2) Saying: 
"Make today the kind of yesterday you 
will want to remember tomorrow" . 

Jessica L. Arsenault 
Class Play Quote: "These are the times to 
remember. These are the days to re- 
member. Because they will not last For- 
ever." "BJ" 

Monia Ata 
DC Cb (4); Class Plow Intl Cb (1.3). 
Track (2.3,4); Soccer (3 1 Saving: "Why 

Walter O. Aviles 
Soccer (2.3.4) 


Julie Ann Aziz 
Class Pres. (1); Int'l Cb (1-3); Musical 
(1,3,4); Class Play; Chorus (4); Softball 
(1); Model UN (4) Ambition: "To look at 
my past without regret, and to my future 
without fear. " 

Janice B. Bashford 
DC Cb (1-4); Art HS (1-4); Prldrs (2-4); 
Lyceum (2,3): Bid Mbl (4); Class Play; 
Girls State (3); V-Ball (1-4); Track (1-3) 
Ambition: "I will be a politician." 

Christine S. Bazdanes 

B-ball (1.2); Track (2) Ambition: 
live long, happy, and healthy." 

Suzan Beauregard 
Senior class president; Homecoming 
"To Queen. Track (1 .2.3): Senior class play. . 
Quote: "What we dream today, will 
create our tomorrows. " 

Troy W. Bergeron 

Ski (1-4), cptn (4); S-Track (3,4) 

Jodi L. Bertrand 
Quote: "Friends grow from love and 
laughter. And stay in our hearts forever 
after. " 

Sital C. Bhadola 

Int'l Cb (2,3); Prldrs (1-4); Sci Cb (2); 
Model UN (4); Yrbk (4) Quote: "Love is 
like the ocean, always there and always 
different. " 

Purnima M. Bhagat 

Int'l Cb (3,4) Saying: "I am so tired 
today. " 

Kate Bialobrzewski 

B-ball (1); V-Ball (1-3), capt. (4) Saying: 
"Have a grateful day!" 

Renee Biancardi 

V-Ball (1-4); Skiing (1-3). capt. (4); 
Tennis (1-3); Nat'l HS (2-4); Class Sec. 
(1-3); LIFE (2-4); Girls State (3); Yrbk 
Editor. (4) Quote: "1 suspect that a man 
is just as happy as he makes up his mind to 
be. " Abe Lincoln 

Dawn-Marie Bistany 

Senate (3.4); B-ball (1,2); S-Track (3,4); 
Yrbk (4) Quote: "Love all, trust a few." 

Angel-lee Blaisdell 

Quote: "The man chases the woman, but 
the woman catches the man!" 

Elizabeth M. Bogonis 

Saying: "Huh, What? I don't under- 

Pamela J. Bohne 

Child Dev (3.4); CO-OP (4); LIFE (3) 
Ambition: "To keep in touch with 
friends, and to own a day care center with 

Sharon Bolduc 

Domenic A . Boragine 

Ambition: "To live life in its fullest. And 
he successful in what ever I choose to do. 
Hope one day to be rich'" 


Dany Bouraphael 

Nathalie M. Boutat 
Ambition: "To own my own beauty 
salon. " 

Maria R. Brancato 
Ambition: "To successfully major in 
business administration and to be happy 
and live a long, healthy life." 

Rafael Brito 

Gary Broderick 

Annie Brown 
Clr Gd (2-4), cptn (4); DC Cb (2-4); 
Drama (4); Music HS (3,4); Dance Cb 
(2); Chorus (2-4) 

Rebecca J. Brown 
Ambition: "To graduate from college 
and build a successful career so I never 
need a man or his monev.'" 

Jennifer M. Buck 

Isobel A. Burke 

Nafl HS (2-4). treasurer (4); Span HS 
(4): Yrbk; Prldrs (1-4): Swim (1-4). cptn 
(4) Quote: "We didn't inherit the Earth 
from our ancestors. We only borrowed it 
from our children." 

Jimmy J. Burton 

Stephanie M. Byrnes 
Prldrs (1-1): Model UN (4): Chrldr (1-4) 
cptn (4) Quote: "Life can only be under- 
stood backwards, but it must be lived for- 
ward. " 

Alex Calamonici 


Rachel D. Campbell 

Prldrs (1-4); Class Play; Span HS (4); V- 
Pres (3) Quote: "You're only young 
once, but you can be immature forever. " 

Marc A. Campiola 

lnt'l Cb (3); Prldrs (3); Baseball (1) 
Ambition: "To get nice." 

Christopher E. Cardone 

ArtHS(l-4),pres. (4)Quote: "Thekeyto 
immortality is first living a life worth re- 
membering. " 

Matthew E. Carey 

"Sexy Boy" 
Saying: "I'm a model. " 

Nikki A. Carrier 

Class Play; Softball (1,2) Ambition: 
be successful in my goals. " 

Timothy Carritte, Jr. 

Span HS (4); NaflHS (2-4); lnt'l Cb (4); 
'To Track (4); Wrestling (2 ,3) Ambition: "To 
ride the lightning." 

Trade A. Carritte 

David M. Carroll 

Prldrs (1A); lnt'l Cb (1-4); Nat' I HS (3- 
Class Play; Span HS (4) LIFE (1-3) 
Ambition: "To be happy." 

Eric J. Cayer 

Danielle M. Charity 
W-Track (2-3); S-Track (1,2,4); X- 
Country(2,3,4), capt. (4) Ambition: "To 
further my education and become a detec- 
tive. " 

Melissa L. Chase 

Band ( 1 ,2): Class Play Ambition: "To be 
successful in whatever I choose to do and 
to Slav with the one I love." 

Amy J. Chavez 


Antonino J. Chiola 

Michael M. Chouinard 


Patricia Cieslik 
Dance Cb; CO-OP; Swim ( 1 ) Ambition: 
"To travel around the world. " 

Yucel Cilinger 

No Photo 


Anthony M. Cimino 
Art HS Ambition: "To meet Anna Nicole 

Marisele V. Cintron 
Prldrsi 1-4); LIFE 0(2-4); Model UN (I- 
3): Span Cb(l~4); Span HS(4). pres (4); 
P-Puff Ft-ball (3) Ambition: "Si dios 
quierc, ser doctora. " 

Jaime L. Clark 

Jacqueline Clavell 

Rebecca A. Consentino 

Lyceum (2-4); Nat'lHS (2-4); Art HS (2- 
4); Int'l Cb (2-4), trsr (2); Chorus (4) 

Kenny P. Costa 

F-ball(4);B-ball(2-4); V-ball(3.4). cptn 


Matthew R. Crabtree 
Golffl ) Saying: "Someones gonna win a 

thousand dollars. " 

Michael J. Cronin 


Amanda Crowell 

Lenonardo Cruz 

Matthew B. Curran 

B-ball (1-4), cptn (4); Baseball (1-4) 
Ambition: "To be successful" 

Ryan M. Curtin 

Sara M. Cusack 

Nat' lHS(2-4) Quote: " Your inside is out 
when your outside is in." 

Jennifer J. Cusick 

Ambition: "To live a happy and success- 
ful life." 

Heather J. D'Urso 

Chorus (4); Prldrs (2,3); Lyceum (2,3); 
Yrbk; Tennis (2) Ambition: "To own my 
own daycare. " 

Tiffany A. Daigle 
Ambition: "1 want to live a long and 
happy life. " 

, J^^B^H 

nl ^m ^^ 

7 ^^—^^B 


fir. \ 


L > ** w " 1 



If ■ ' 



David Dawe 

Infl Cb (4); Ski (1); V-ball (3,4) Ambi- 
tion: "To become a Veterinarian." 

Holly L. Deangelo Jennifer J. Decunto 

"Heavy D" "Bum" 

Soccer (3,4), cptn (4); Softball (4) Say- Class Play Quote: "What we dream 

ing: "Don't judge a book by its cover." today, creates our tomorrow." 

Jennifer Demers 


Jennifer L. Demers 
UFE (3); Child Dev (3) Quote: "The 
secret of happiness is not in doing what 
one likes, but in liking what one has to 

Kerri Demers 
Ambition: "Not to follow where the path 
may lead: but to go where there is no path 
and leave a trail. " 

Gabrielle Depew 

James S. Deroche 
Ambition: "To accomplish life' s greatest 
challenge. " 

Keith W. Dezan 

InflCb (2,3): Prldrs (1-3); Ft-ball(l-4): 
Track (1-3): Hockey (I) Saying: "Hey 
Fruitcake, look out!" 

Christina M. DiCroce 
Prldrs (1.4): Yrbk: Class Play: Child Dev 
(3) Quote: "Our todays and yesterdays 
are the blocks with which we build. " 

Salvator A. Diprima 
Ft-ball (2-4) Ambition: "To become a 
pilot. " 

Danielle M. Dirsa 
Ambition: "To become a teacher and 
role model for young children." 

Hai Chau L. Do 
Quote: "There is no better worship then 
the home, devotion and respect to one's 
parents are true religion. " 

Shawn P. Doherty 
Int'l Cb (1): Art HS (3.4) Quote: 
the force be with you. " 

Carson Dooley 

'Ma\ "Doolev" 

Art HS (1-3): Ft-balU 1.3.4): Baseball (1) 
Ambition: "1 would like to become an 
architect. " 

Farrah D. Douglas 
Prldrs (3,4): Int'l Cb (1-3): DC Cb <4): 
P-Puff Ft-ball (3): P-Puff Hockey (3); 
UFE Oly (2-4): Track (2-4); X-Countn 
(2-4). cptn (4) Quote: "Run hardRunfast 
Run to love. " 


Elizabeth L. Drew 


Melissa L. Drew 

Band (1-4), major (4); Clr Gd (1-3); 

Jennifer L. Drummond 


3and(l-4);ClrGd(l-4), capt. (4);Class Dance Cb(l ,2,4); Music HS (1-4); Class Ambition: "To be a veterinarian.' 

Play; Dance Cb (1,2,4); GLEC (1); 
Music HS (2-4) Saying: "I'm not Melissa, 
; 'm Liz." 

Play; GLEC (1); Track (3) Saying: "I'm 
not Liz, I'm Melissa." 

Rae-Jean Dube 

"Scooby Dube" 
Saying: "We didn't do it." 

Edward Dubiel 

Hockey (1-4), cptn (4) Ambition: "To 
live life to the fullest." 

Naomi G. Dufresne 

Francisco A. Estevez Alexandra Farfan 

"Pops" "Alex" 

F-ball (4); B-ball (1,2); Honor Roll (3,4) Class Play Quote: "The only leader who 

Ambition: "To make mad money, and to will help me live to be experience the 

be successful in life, and own a Supra. " things to come is GOD, who will give me 

the strength to succeed." 

Noelle L. Favazza 

Heidi E. Fearing 
Quote: "If you sit and cry about what you 
don't have, you ruin the things you do 
have. " 

Jennifer Feran 

Darlene M. Ferreira 

DC Cb (2-4); Prldrs (2-4); Track (2) 
Ambition: "To become a nurse." 


John E. Feugill 

F-ball (1-4), cptn (4); B-ball (1-4), cptn 
(4); Track (3,4); Class Officer (2,4) 
Ambition: "To be an "All American" at 
the University of Maryland. " 

Kristen R. Field 
Swim (l^f) Ambition: "To get married 
and to achieve all my goals in life. " 

Michael J. Fishwick 

Soccer (1,2): F-ball (3.4): S-Track (3.4) 
Ambition: "To become the best chef in 
New England. " 

Daniel J. Fluet 

B-ball (3, 4) Quote: "Never do now, what 
you can possibly put off until later. " 

Alison L. Forsythe 

Prldrs (2-4); Intl Cb (1-3); Yrbk; Class 
Play Quote: "Destiny is not a matter of 
chance, it's a matter of choice." 

Daniel Fortin 

Keith J. Foster 

S-Track (1); Ski (2): W-Track il) 

Virginia Frittitta 
"Gina" Ambition: "To be a healthy, 
happy, and successful teacher. " 

Charlene M. Furnari 

Ambition: "To be successful in life. 

Eric L. Furtado 

Wrestling (1-4): Soccer 1 1 .2) Ambition: 
"To enforce the law and be the best I can 

Andre S. Gabryjelski 
Intl Cb (3): Baseball (1-4). cptn (4) 


Susan I. Gaffney 

:iass Play; Bid Mbl; P-Puff Hockey (2); 
>-Puff F-ball (3) Ambition: "To be 
lappy and successful and find a real 

Rita A. Gallant 

Track (1-4), cptn (4) Ambition: "To be 
the best in whatever the future holds for 

John P. Garrand 

Band (1-4) Ambition: "To go to college 
and major in music. " 

Rita A. Gauthier 

Ronald Geffard 
F-ball (4) Quote: "If you can't stand the 
heat, get out of the kitchen. " 

Kathryn M. Giglio 

Semate (1-3), pres. (4); F-hockey (1-4); 
B-ball (1-3); S-Track (1-4) Quote: "You 
realize the importance of your life, when 
you understand life could end at any mo- 
ment. " 

Michael D. Gowell 
LIFE (2); Lyceum (2); Nat'l HS (2-4); 
Prldrs (3); Ski (1) Ambition: "Be happy 
and get the goods. " 

Cettina Graviano 

Int'l Cb (3,4); Class Play Ambition: "To 
be a successful accountant and Italian 
translator. " 

Ann Marie Guy 

Joshua A. Guzman 




"To be successful in life and 

F-ball (1); B-ball (4) Saying: "Life's a 


beach so shut up and live with it. " 

Jennifer Hamel 

Prldrs (1-4); Band! 1-4) Clr Guard (2-4); 
W-Guard (3); Chorus (3,4) 

Jennifer J. H olden 
Dame (4); Intern Ambition: "To live life 
to the fullest extent. " 


Randy S. Hulse 

Council (1-4) Ambition: "To work in the 
automobile towing business. " 

Herbert M. Hurley 

Golf (2-4) Ambition: "To master in com- 
puter engineering." 

Sarah A. Huskey 
Prldrs (1,2); Track (1): Clr Guard (1): 
Theater ( I -4 ) Quote: Tomorrow is afresh 
day with no mistakes." 

Michael P. Jaber 
X-Country (3.4): cptn (4): ln-Track (2-4). 
cptn (4):S-Track (1 '-4), cptn (4) 

Ewa J. Januszwski 

BldMbl (3,4): LIFE (2,4) Ambition: "To 
have a successful career in business and a 
happy life." 

Eric C. Jeanes 

F-hall ( I -4): B-ball ( I -4 ): Baseball ( I -4): 
Nat'l HS (2.3), pres. (4) Quote: "Don't 
just play, play hard, run fast, finish 
strong, and win!" 

Matthew J. Johnson 
Ski (1-4 1 Ambition: "To be wealthy and 
successful. " 

Julie C. Keaney 
CO-OP (4): Senate (2): GLEC (3.4): 
Swim (I -4); S-Track(l-3): W-Track (1-3) 
Ambition: "To succeed in all that 1 am 
capable of doing." 

Steven J. Kehner 
Nat'l HS (2-4) Ambition: "To have a 
career as an artist. " 

Brian Kienle 


Young Kim 

An HS (2-4): DC cb (4): lnt'1 Cb (4) 
Lyceum (4): Sci Cb (4): Tennis ( 1 ) Quote: 
"Where there is a will there if a nay." 
Saying: "Beauty is truth, truth is Beauty, 
do your best. " Ambition: "To become a 
doctor. " 

Brian Kobrenski 

Sci Cb (3) officer (4): Tennis (1.3) capt. 
(4): Saying: "Double or nothing . . .?" 

Peter Kunchov 

Ki Kwon 

Hockey (1-4); Golf (3 -4) 

Peter Lacasse 

Veronique Landry 

Class Play; Bid Mbl: Winning act ofMilli 
Vanilli Ambition: "To be happy, healthy, 
and rich!" 

Jaime Lane 

Nat'l HS (2-3) sec. (4); senate (3); Int'l 
Cb(l);SpHS (4) Saying:". . .the best is 
yet to come. " 

Renee Danielle Laperriere 

"Pigeon Plumber" 
P-Puff Hockey (1-2) Ambition: "To go to 
college and become very successful. " 

Sean Laratonda 

Wrestling (2-4) Saying: "Free your 
mind." Ambition: "To be ambitious." 

Jeff Larcome 

Ft-ball (1-4); W -Track (2); S-Track (2) 
Saying: "Hey it's lunchtime!" 

Krissie Laschi 

Chorus (4); Bid Mbl (3-4) Quote: "Shut 
up Bevis!" Saying: "Because 1 said so." 
Ambition: "To stay out of trouble." 

Tania Leal 

Nat'l HS (3-4); Yrbk (4); Soccer (4) 
Quote: "You have to catch the future. It's 
not coming toward you it's running 
away. " 

Cindy Leclerc 
GLEC (3); Quote: "To dream of the per- 
son that you would like to he is to waste 
the person that you are." Saying: 
"Hello 1 " Ambition: "To go to college 
and have a good career. " 

Beverly Lees 

P -Puff Ft-ball (1-3); Class Play Saying: 
"No, 1 don't." Ambition: "To be sue- 
cessful and to he with the one I love." 


Chad Lucier 

Ft-Ball (1-4) 

Lisa Lucinskas 

Louis Martone 
Art HS; S-Track (2-4) Quote: "Real 
Power." Saying: "Free your mind." 
Ambition: "To live a long and happy 
life. " 

Erica Max 
SciFair (4): DC cb (4); Art HS (2-3) sec. I 
treas. (4); Int'l Cb. (1-4) officer (3); 
Prldrs (1-4): Lyceum (2-3): Class Play 
Quote: "Overwhelm people with your 
charm, not your power. " 

Michael MacAvoy 

VISIONS student council (3-4); VISIONS 
fundraiser (3-4); Custodial assistant (2- 
4) Ambition: "To continue studying in 
the field of math after high school. " 

Jeff McEvoy 

Melissa McNary 

Amy McQuilkin 

V-Ball(l-3):capt. <4); Skiing! 1-2). catp. 
(3-4); Softball (1-3): Nat' I HS (2-4): 
Class Treasurer (I -3 1; Prldrs (2); Model 
UN (4): Yrbk (4) Saying: "Deny Every- 

Heather L. Melito 

Sci Fair (2,3); Int'l Cb (2-4); Prldrs (1- 
4); Span HS (4) Ambition: "To become a 
successful lawyer. " 

Lisa M. Metropolis 

F-hockey (1.2); Tennis (1-3). cptn (4) 
Quote: "Pork, the other white meat. " 

Matthew W. Mical 

Todd Mical 


Sandy L. Michaud 
\uote: "People may doubt what you say 
ut they will always believe what you do. " 

Ronald A. Milone 
Quote: "I SEE how you ARE. 

Bryan K. Milton 
LIFE; V-ball (2,3); Baseball (1); Track 
(1,2) Ambition: "To become a famous 
sports announcer. " 

Jeffrey L. Morgano 

"Bobby, Tomba, Ironman" 

Hockey (1-3), cptn (4); V-ball (1,2,4) 

Ambition: "To have a beautiful wife, big 

house on a hill, and many exotic cars. " 

Jeffery J. Morin 

loccer (1-4) Ambition: "To become a 
wlice officer." 

Constance K. Moschetto 

"Connie Chung" 
Class Play Ambition: "To live a long, 
happy successful life in China with T.C. " 

Trade L. Moury 

P-Puff F-ball (2): P-Puff Hockey (2); 
Class Play; Bid Mbl (4) Ambition: "To 
have fun and be happy. " 

Tanya A. Murphy 

Chorus (1-3); Track (2); Swim (4); Band 
(4); DC Cb (3,4) 

Donald G. Mustapha 
Prldrs (1,2); Int'l Cb (2,3); Yrbk; F-ball 
'1,2); Baseball (1 .3,4); Class Play Ambi- 
tion: "To follow my dreams and not live 
inside the bounds of society." 

Jaime L. Mustapha 

B -ball (1 ,2) Ambition: "To live every day 
to the fullest and to keep in touch with my 
friends. " 

Ronald C. Newcomb 
Sci cb (2) Ambition: "Computer technol- 

Stacy R. Newton 

V-ball 11-3); Shall (1.2) Ambition: 
succeed and he happy, " 



Can T. Nguyen 

Sci cb (4); Model UN (4); Soccer (14); 
V-ball (1-4), cptn (4) 

Chau T. Nguyen 
Sci cb; Chess cb; Nat' I HS Ambition: "I 
hope in my future to travel all the world 
and to help the poor people. " 

Sci cb 

Duyen N. Nguyen 

Thu Nga T. Nguyen 
Art HS; Nat' I HS; Chess Cb; Sci ct 
Quote: "I love my parents, and good luc 
to the class of '94" 

Tara J. Nolet 
Prldrs (1-4); Nat' I HS (2-4); Class Play; 
UFE (2-4); V-ball (1-3); ln-Track (3); S- 
ball (2-4) Quote: "Living well is the best 
revenge. " 

Katherine L. Nye 


Int'I Cb (3,4); Class Play; Swim (1-4) 

Ambition: "To be successful, happy, and 

never lose touch with m\ close friends." 

Carlos Orsini 

Jill E. Packard 
Nat'l HS 12.3.4): Band (1-4). Music t 
(M): Class Play tl-4). Tennis (1-liSa 
ing: "I'm in the band, but I'm not 
bandie. " 

Michael Palmer 

Jen Park 

William M. Pearson 
Council (1-4) Ambition: "To work in a 
field where I can help people. " 

Jessica L. Pelletier 
Council (1-4) Ambition: "To do vol 
teer work helping the hearing imparie. 


Jay F. Perocchi Rebecca A. Petrillo Thy Phan 
LIFE (2-4), Track (1), Baseball (2-4) "Becky" Art HS 9-3); DC cb 
Wmbition: "To be happy, healthy, and Art HS (2-4); DC Cb (3 ,4); Ski (1 ,2) Say- 
successful. " ing: "Give me a break. " 

Caryn B. Picarillo 

Prldrs (2-4); NaflHS (2-4); B-ball (1,2); 
In-Track (3); F-hockey (1-4), cptn (4); 
Softball (1-4) Quote: "Wherever you are, 
it is your own friends who make your 
world. " 

Brian P. Poletz 

"Big Guy Bri" 
Prldrs (3); Class Play (4); Model UN (4); 
Sid Mbl (4) Saying: "I'm a lover, not a 
r ighter. " 

Shawn M. Pomerleau 

Hockey (1-4), cptn (4) Ambition: "To get 
into college and play hockey. " 

Michael V. Powers 
Baseball (1,2); B-ball (1,2) Ambition: 
"To become an architect and be success- 

Paul Rappazo 

Eric Riddle 

Danielle M. Robare 
Marchng Band (1-4); hand (1-4); Jazz 
(3,4); Chorus (4); amnesty (2); DC Cb 
(2-4); Lyceum (2-4): Span HS (4); Music 
HS (1-4); S-Track (2) Ambition: "To 
work in the field of communications. " 

Robert A. Rodriquez 
F-ball (3,4); In-Track (3) 


Melissa Romano 

Paul Rossi 

Ambition: "To pass both of Mr. Fioren- 
tini's classes." 

Jaime Rourke 


Softball (2) Ambition: "To be successful 
in whatever I do. " 

Heather E. Roy 
Art HS (2-4); DC Cb (4) Quote: "Try- to 
tell us something we don't know. " Ambi- 
tion: "To get really old and die." 

Nicole M. Roy 

Robert A. Ruggiero 

Golf (I); Baseball (1-3) capt. (4); B-ball 
(1-2) capt. (3-4); LIFE 

Richard D. Sadezwicz 
Quote: "Don't do unto others what you 
don't want done to you." Ambition: "To 
meet a nice girl and after a while, start a 
family. " 

Kimberly A. Salem 
Millivanilli (4); Sp HS (4); Nat'lHSi2-4, 
Prldrs (1-3) Senate (4) Quote 
"Everything must come to an end: hi 
some things are never forgotten. " Say 
ing: "Feast or Famine." Ambition: "T 
have no regrets." 

Alecia Salvo 

F-Hockev (1-3) capt. (4); B-ball (1-2); 
Softball (1-2); GLEC (4); Intern (4) 
Quote: "Love all, trust a few. " Ambi- 
tion: "To never lose my best friends: 
Heather W., Kerry S., and Wendy A." 

Kerry L. Samataro 

F-Hockev (1-3) capt. (4); B-ball (1-2); 
Softball (1-2); P-Puff Ft-Ball (1-3) 
Quote: "It was the best of times, it was the 
worst of times. " 

Joseph G. Sanguedolce 

"Little Joe" 
Ft-ball (1-3) capt. (4); Track (2-4) 

Jenny A. Santana 
Class Plav. Milk Vanilli 


Manuel A. Santiago 

Lynne Sarao 

Nat'l HS (2-4); Senate (1-3); Yrbk (4) 
Quote: "I knew I'd look back on the tears 
and laugh, but I never thought I'd look 
back on the laughter and cry. " 

Christina L. Lavoy 
Child Dev (3-4); Class Play; Model UN 
Quote: "If it was meant to happen, it will 
happen." Saying: "Is there a party this 
weekend?" Ambition: "To be rich and 
party forever. " 

Jaime L. Schradermeier 

Tammy L. Schubert 

7-Hockey (1-3), capt. (4); Softball (1-4); 
i-ball (1-2); Class Vice Pres. (I); Pres. 
2-3); Senate (4); SAC (4); Yrbk (4) 
Quote: "Sometimes we have to grow 
ipart to keep growing together. " 

Sean M. Shapiro 

Matthew J. Shepherd 
Newspaper (4); Sci cb (4) 

Danny G. Sirois 
Hockey (1-2) Saying: "What's up?" 
Ambition: "To be happy and get mar- 
ried. " 

David P. Slipp 


Marching Band (1-3), soloist (3-4); 

Chorus (2-4); Musical (1-4); Jazz Band 

(1-4) Ambition: "To succeed in life." 

Jamie L. Snow 

Nat' I HS (2-4); Senate ( 1-3); Int I cb( 1 -2) 
Quote: "Never look back, if you do; you 
risk falling!" Saying: "One life, and I'm 
gonna live it up!" Ambition: "To be one 
of the first women combat pilots. " 

Melissa Stansfield 

Tanya Summa 


Gary F. Swett 

F-ball (1); Baseball 91-4); B-ball (1,2) 

Meg A. Thibodeau 
Int'l Cb (3); W-track (1); S-Track (1); 
Soccer (2,3) Ambition: "To be a success 
in photography. " 

Carta J. Thompson 
Ambition: "To go to college." 

Christos N. Tikelis 
DC Cb(4/ Ambition: "To free the bird in 
the cage." 

Victoria M. Tine 

Ambition: "Live life to the fullest! 

Estelle Marie R. Tobin 

V-ball (2,3): Track (2) Saying: "Did my 
hair move?" 

Barry P. Todd 

Keri A. Tombarelli 
DC Cb (1-4); Senate (3.4): Prldrsll.2); 
GLEC (2.3): Scifair (4): F-hockey (2-1): 
In-track (3.4). cptn (4); W-track (3.4), 
cptn (4): B-ball (2) Quote: "Mere curios- 
u\ adds wings to every step. " 

Zulmarie Torres 

Charles C. Towne 

"The Great One" 

F-ball (1-4), cptn (4): Baseball (1,2): 

Wrestling (1,2) Quote: "Achievers are 

not born they are made. " 

Holly Vaccaro 

Kerrie L. Valcour 
Senate (3.4). trsr (4); Class Play: Mode. | 
UN: Intern; Chrldr (1-4). cptn (4); S-\ 
Track (1 ) Quote: "The unknown is evei\ 
imagined. " 


Jaime L. Valente 

it' I Cb (3); Intern (4); Softball (2); Soc- 
>r (4) Ambition: "To accomplish every- 
iiing I want to do in life. " 

Vivian Y. Velez 
Ambition: "To be successful at whatever 
I do." 

Heather Waldie 

intern (4); B-ball (1,2); F-hockey (2) 

Amy E. Wall 

Bid Mbl; P -Puff F -ball (1,2); P-Puff 
Hockey (1,2); Softball (1); Soccer (4) 
Ambition: "To succeed in my life and 
make all my dreams come true. " 

Michael R. Waters 

ambition: "To get into college." 

David R. W eagle 

Golf (1-3), capt. (4); B-ball (1-2); Ambi- 
tion: "To be a pharmacist and pro- 
golfer. " 

Laurie C. Wedge 

Child Dev (3-4); CO-OP (4); P-Puff(l); 
LIFE (3) Saying: "Hi guys!" Ambition: 
"To keep in touch with all my friends, and 
be successful in life. " 

Regina L. Weldon 

W-Track (2); S-Track (1-2); DC cb (2-4); 
Art HS (3-4); Prldrs (1-4) Ambition: "To 
be a successful cosmetoligist. " 

Brian M. White 

Nicole L. White 

* Alternative Nick" 
Swim (1-3); Ski (1); Tennis (1-4): Art HS 
(2-4); Bid Mbl (4); Class Play; Amnesty 
(2) Ambition: "To be a real hip shaking 

Tara M. Wilson 
V-ball(l-2); B-ball (1-2); Softball (1-2); 
Track (I); Prldrs (4) Quote: "A Friend to 
everyone is a friend to nobody. " Saying: 
"Holy Smukets Bro!" Ambition: "To be a 
successful child psychologist. " 

Shannon J. Witkum 

Softball (I); Child Dev (4); Ceramics (4) 
Ambition: "To be a veterinarian assist- 
ant. " 


Mark A. Woodburn 

Kevin P. Wright 

Wrestling (1-4); Tennis (2,4); Prldrs (1- 
2) Saying: "Free your mind. " Ambition: 
"To be fat and eat what I want. " 

Christopher J. Wyman 

Lee R. Yandell 

Soccer ( i ):W-Track(J -3); S-Track(l-3); 
V-ball (4) Quote: "Life is what happens 
when you're making other plans." Say- 
ing: "Assume nothing. " Ambition: "To 
live life to the fullest." 

No Photo 

Mike C. Zoltko 
Ft-ball (4) Ambition: "To be success- 

Valerie L. Zullo 

Child Dev (3), Ceramics (4) Ambition: 
"To be a dental assistant. " 

Alejandro Rodriquez 


Class Sec. (4): Span HSl4l; Prldrs (2-4); 

Project Secure (3-4) Quote: "Vivir una 

vida completa y feliz. " 


Michael K. Asoian 
Shannon M. Ayotte 
Michael A. Bagliere 
Christopher Bell 
Jaime Clark 
Monique I. Croteau 

Rafael A. Cruz 

Kevin W. Dimmock 

Karen E. Feole 

Tasha Fernandez 

Anthony Firth 

Miguel O. Garcia 

Gregory J. Guy 

Robert E. Haggar 

Robert Higginbottom 

Christopher Holloway 

Marie J. Kassis 

Angel Lopez 

Allison C. Moran 

Monica F. Morrison 

John J. Pelletier 

Ivelizabeth Rodriquez 

Ndebe H. Selli 

Brian J. Sheehan 

Charles A . Silva 

Todd T. Sirois 

Vincent M. Spada 

Eric B. Stafford 

Thomas F. Stanley 

Jennifer K. Sullivan 

Ryan P. Tardiff 

Juan A. Torres 

Luke P. Vercellini 

Robert D. Whitehead 

Lisa J. Zappala 



1 I 



ft it ' , "*^ N 

H I 

1 1 > v.. 

J H it 

■«"|||], 4 1 

I ' >>>. 


1 \ 


A ! 


F I 

<fmior (Eroms: Mai^ 27, {$$4 


'" ^~~^^^ 

■ » -~ /£? 



V~?' <£a 



i * r %/Z&m 

WL " ~^s&r 


W^L ^ N ] 

' S' 

fi W o ■*• 


(L 'jx fy 



IV ^° 

^ *^^H 

«* s ^ 

1 1" 

1 «.'<Y 

r ^ar^ 

i ifc-M 


■ jjm : ' h| 

Lfi 1 







King & Queen 

Donny Mustapha & Tammy Schubert 

Venus & Appollo 

Danny Bouraphacl & Kerri Tombarelli 

Flirt & Casanova 

Nino Chiola & Kern' Samataro 

Most Preppy 

Eric Riddle & Stephanie Byrnes 

Best Dressed 

Paul Rapazzo & Kim Salem 

Mutt & Jeff 

Rafael Cruz & Erica Max 
John Feugill & Alison Forsythe 



Nicest Smile 

Andre Gabryjelski & Kerrie Valcour 

Nicest Eyes 

Anthony Cimino & Sue Gqffhey 

Brute & Babyface 

Charlie Towne & Holly DeAngelo 



Most Obnoxious Laugh 

] Dave Weagle & Sandy Michaud 

Class Actor & Actress 

Kevin Wright & Julie Aziz 

Worst Drivers 

Keith Dezan & Jenn L. Demers 



Ted Dubiel & Lynne Sarao 

Cupid's Couple 

Christine Bazdanes & Sean Laratonda 

Mr. & Mrs. Attitude 

Chad Lucier & Renee Biancardi 

Life of the Party 

Tracey Mourey & Jeff McEvoy 


(Class Clown 

{.Chris Wyman & Amy Wall 

Class Klutz 

Carson Dooley & Danielle Robare 

M m 

Most Talkative 

David Carroll & Jamie Rourke 

Class Storytellers 

Mike Cronin & Nicole Roy 


T 1 

* , Smmmwmm 


law m ww 


mtmmtuan im 

Most Athletic 

Bob Ruggiero & Rita Gallant 


HlSffiST TE»K SC0« «M 

f« umciHi 13% 

SH P.800CHEH 6.3 

Kg luxmits ?.s 

»» mranwrtc 7.9 

TtKUfMO 8.8S 

wine si 

tin «u 


^ t Het/rasa 


•SCffltt t327 ■JO.'B 
- "OtEf 17 

Most School Spirit 

Matt Carey & Isobel Burke 

Most Musically Talented 

Brian Ploetz & Jill Packard 

Most Artistic 

Chris Cardone & Heather Roy 


Most Likely to Succeed 

Eric Jeanes & Jaime Lane 

Teachers Pet 

Matt Crabtree & Rebecca Consentino 


Best Friends 

Andre Gabryjelski & Marc Campiola 

Melissa Drew & Elizabeth Drew 

Shyest Seniors 

Mark Woodburn & Darlene Ferreira 




„ "^>M£| 4!/, / ^ £^ S~C&^ j^^^U 






Q< V 

>\ <^4%2%c§^w^> 

yi-i^Sz""'^ <?2?? 



June 3, 1994 

"Lean On Me" 


r'jl— ' f 

"We, the AP English class leave Ms. 
Smith the plethora of Cliff Notes that we 
used this year. " 

"We the AP U.S. History class leave Mr. 
Hughes an AP test on the history of 
Methuen and his own water wheel. " 

"Nathalie Boutot leaves Kristy Tridenti 
her own boyfriend. " 

"Eva leaves Connie Moschetto the seven 
years of friendship and good luck in the 
future. " 

"I, Janish Bashford, leave Dave Slipp a 
tape recorder so everyone can listen to 
his problems. " 

"We leave Mr. Herhily Jeff McEvoy for 
another year. " 

"We the girls of fifth period gym class 
leave Jack Bradish a smaller ego ..." 

"We the senior girls leave Donnie and 
Danny sleeves." 

"We the senior girls leave the senior 
boys a years supply of muscle enhancers 
that do nothing for them. " 

"I, Katie Giglio leave Kim Salem the 
well deserved absence and Dan Fluet my 
watch to remind you thatY 11 be there any 
time for you." 

"I, Jeff leave J. Khalil a pack of gum, his 
own locker, some sense to keep his 
mouth shut when he should and better 
pick-up lines." 

"Nicki Carrier leaves Sal Diprima all of 
our memories in senior year and a long 
future ahead." 

"I, Veronique Landry leave Suzan Beau- 
regard a tissue for every time she cries. " 

"Danielle Charity leaves Trisha 
Boucher and Kevin Ricci 75 years of 
marriage and 14 kids." 

I, Janice Bashford leave Dave W eagle a 
comeback for all my insults. 

r i 

Last Will and Testament 

— /, Katie Giglio, leave Caryn Picarillo a great friendship that has lasted the test of time/ to Tammy Schubert a mysterious black haired blue jeep driving drug dealer that will someday 
pop up in her life again/ to Kim Salem the well deserved abstinence award, my sanity, my surprising library talks, and many thanks for being therefor me/ to Tim Smith many walks, 
interesting talks, and a smile to keep you going next year/ to Dan Fluet my watch to remind you that at anytime I will be there for you. 

— /, Rebecca Consentino, leave Stacie Tokowicz all the high note, Joey Normandin a Nutty (Buddy) Royal, Dave Slipp the "A " in psychology that never was, and Jen Buck a car that 

— /, Nathalie Boutot, leave Chris Incalingo "Good Luck!" , Christy Tridenti her own boyfriend, an awesome friendship, and a guilty conscience. 

— /, Paul Rapazzo, leave my golf greatness to Ki Kwon because he needs help. 

— We, Mariselle Cintron and Alejandro Rodriguez, leave Miguel Perez and Eddie Orsini a Puerto Rican flag. 

— /, Jeff L., leave Jay Kahili his own locker, a pack of gum, better pick up lines, and the sense to keep his mouth shut when he should. 

— /, Amanda Crowell, leave to Shannon, Valerie, and Melissa 6 years of friendship, never to be forgotten and never to end. 

— /, Ann Marie Guy, leave my 4th period study table Nikki, Holly, Sandy, Tricia, Natilie, Ewa, Jamie, and Meg all our great talks and laughs. 

— /, Keri Tomborelli, leave Katie Giglio a pack of gum for all those people she doesn't like in college. 

— /, Rebecca Petrillo, leave Heidi Fearing my table cloth and a ride in the subways of Boston all expenses paid, Darlene Ferrara my ulcer. Tommy Spitalere a basket and a bell for his 
bicycle, Sal Delmonte my shoe laces, Jodi Bertrand, Jaime Shradermeyer , and Christina Dicroce "Grandpa" , and Stephanie Norris, Mark Rapazzo' s chipped tooth. 

— We, the Senior Class, leave Matt Carey a date with Erin Stewart. 

— /, Brian Ploetz, leave Lisa Metropolis a package of sizzle-lean. 

— /, Heather Roy, leave Dave Carroll the timeless truths of Jack Handey. 

— /, Rae Jean Dube, leave Charlie Towne my striped shirts and back door buddy. 

— /, Keith Foster, leave Matt Crabtree a yard full of jeeps. 

— /, Sarah Huskey, leave Christine Russo the loudest alarm clock so that she may be able to make it to school at least once on time. 

— /, Amy Wall, leave Ted Dubiel the hockey puck he shot at my head. 

— /, Dave Carroll, leave Jaime Lane deep thoughts and Run DMC albums. 

— /, Dave Carroll, leave Christina Savoy a wedding ring and a lifetime of happiness. 

— We, the Senior Class, leave Jeff McEvoy all the memories he's forgotten. 

— /, Kerrie Valcour, leave Miguel Perez two years that he will never catch up with. 

— /, Kerrie Valcour, leave Kate, Tammy, Katie, and Renee the 4th of July night that never ended. 

— We, Kerrie, Tammy, Dawn, Stephany, and Kate, leave Sal Lomagno everything he thought he knew. 

— /, Ivelizbeth Rodriguez, leave my friends Evelyn, Diana, Mabel, and Shelia a wish of good luck in their life and future, and the hope that they'll never forget me. 

— /, Ron Newcomb, leave Sean Laratonda my huge biceps and to Chad Lucier my coolness. 

— /, Carta Thompson, leave Nikki Roy a huge sand barrel. 

— /, Mike Powers, leave Jill Outette my broken heart. 

— /, Mike Powers, leave Ewa Januezewski my ego. 

— /, Wendy Allen, leave Dani Robare a night of romance and some mouthwash. 

— /, Wendy Allen, leave Jeff Larcome a night of the BBC and a car stereo. 

— /, Alan Anselmi, leave Mrs. Wilcock's 3rd period Spanish class my ability to fluently speak Espanol. 

— /, Christina Savoy, leave Dave Carroll my hand in marriage. 

— /, Christina Savoy, leave Cindy Leclerc a bottle opener so she doesn't lose her teeth at parlies. 

— /, Julie Aziz, leave Annie Brown a turkey, a glacier, a fit of uncontrollable laughter, and a lifetime of the best friendship I've ever had. 

— /, Julie Aziz, leave Suzan and Stephanie some real fake ID' s. 

— /, Renee Biancardi, leave Amy McQuilkin and Rachel Campbell the infamous "T" we almost got away with, the Three Muskateers. "shotgun" . and the promise to Slav friends 

— /, Renee Biancardi, leave Eric Jeans SAINTHOOD. 

— /, Lynne Sarao, leave Alison Forsythe Cape Cod, Hampton Beach, many double dates and long talks, and a close friendship that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. 

— /, Lynne Sarao, leave all of my friends plenty of pens and paper so they can all keep in touch and an invitation to visit me at Stonehill anytime. 

— /, Jen Demers, leave Danny Bouraphael wallet stuffers, every beautiful flower , memories, and the best thing that he has lost forever. 

— /, Suzan Beauregard, leave Jackie Feugill just one more tennis match, KimSalem Mr. Kmttle and another glass. Caryn Picarillo her ID . Melissa Chase Jungle Fever, RitaGallanl 
and Keesha Chase Little Caesar's, Jamie Dicabellis a leash for her man, Isabel Burke a fry to go with that shake, and Tammy Schubert Melida and a sorry for all the bad times. 

— /, Jen Buck, leave Sue Gaffney a lifetime supply of stories. 

— /, Jaime Mustapha, leave my best friend. Tiffany Daigle, the turbo button in her car. 

— /, Tiffany Daigle, leave my best friend, Jaime Mustapha, the week to come at the cottage on J St. and the long summer nights at the beach. 

— /, Christina DiCroce, leave Lynne Sarao a raindrop so we'll always have laughs and our many years of friendship. 

— /, Jenny Santana, leave Alexandra, Sue, Veronica, Jen D., Tricia, Kim, Victor, and Carlos a long lasting friendship. 

— /, Kerry Samataro, leave Jackie Feugill our friendship to remember. 

— /, Steve Kenher, leave to Lisa Metropolis, Amy McQuilkin, and Sara Cusack a box of Kleenex for all the sniffs over the past 4 years and to Robert Rodriguez the best most exciting 2 
years in a wonderful Graphic Arts class. 

— /, Julie Kearney, leave all of my daily candy supply to Jen DeBurrow. 

— /, Heather Melito, leave Tara Nolet her own personal orthopedic surgeon , Erica Max a no homework pass . AP Spanish Class the work we pretended to do while Mrs. Hallbauer was 
in the Hall, Isobel Burke the friendship we once had, Alison Forsythe our conversations in gym class, Sital Bhadola a new set of directions and a map. and Keith Dezan all of our fun 
and much more to come. 

— /, Kim Salem, leave Suzan Beauregard a dream that never ends. 

— /, Kim Salem, leave Carlos, Suzan, Jenny, Alexandra, Tricia, Jen D., Jen P., and Veronica one word — "IF" . 

— /, Trade Moury, leave Kristen Field a car her parents can't take the battery out of. 

— /, Rebecca Brown, leave Emily Brown the "Brownmobile" . 

— /, Susan Gaffney, leave Becky Brown an answer in the wind, a friendship to last forever and to always be "stayin alive" at the Mighty Mushroom. 

— /, Tammy Schubert, leave Suzan Beauregard the friendship that should have started 4 years ago. 

— /, T.S. , leave K.S. , S.B. .C.P., andM.C. R235, R237 , parties in R59, andR77, 77 year old white Russians wearing sombreros in Oregon, lost in U 1 67 and a peach toast with Melita 
under the Carribean moonlight. 

— /, Krissie Laschi, leave Renee Laperriere a personality of her own and a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

— /, Amy McQuilkin, leave Troy Bergeron, MikeGowell, BenGibson, KeithPierce, Andre Gabreyjelski, Jeff McEvoy, and Lori McCarthy one night at the Tage and a rude awakening 
by Marc Campiola. 

— /, Amy McQuilkin, leave Brian Ploetz and Nikki White one more "Escape from Herlihy's class." 

— /, Nikki Carrier, leave Sal DiPrima all of our memories throughout senior year and our long future ahead. 



Class of 1994 

— /, Stacy Newton, leave Estelle Tobin my diploma, because without her, I wouldn't be here right now. 

—I, Veronica Landry, leave the following: Kim Salem a tap at her window, MacGyver, summer of 92, and a friendship forever. Tricia Cieslik cookie dough ice cream, no neck, lots of 
good fish and a friendship forever. Jen Park a diploma and a dozen eggs. Suzan Beauregard a tissue for every time she cries. Jenny S. , Alex F. , Suzan B. , and Jen D. salad and 

— I, Nicole Roy, leave Carta Thompson snowbanks, getting your car stuck at my house during a snowstorm, and I told you so. 

— /, Danielle Charity, leave Tricia Boucher and Kevin Ricci 75 years of marriage and 14 kids. 

— /, Janice Bashford, leave Dave W eagle a come back for all my insults. 

— /, Janice Bashford, leave Dave Slipp a tape recorder so someone can listen to his problems. 

— We, Amy McQuilkin and Rachel Campbell, leave Janice Bashford a muzzle and some peanut butter so that she can shut her yap. (Kidding, Janice) 

— /, Estelle Tobin, leave Stacy Newton my friendship that will last a lifetime. 

— /, Estelle Tobin, leave Pam Bohne a less annoying laugh. 

— We, Period 7 English, leave Mr. Herlihy Jeff McEvoy for another year. 

— /, Jenny Santana, leave Jen D. a pair of matching socks, Kim the saying "Technical Guys" , Tricia a camel to tour Egypt with, Suzan, a sign ofRemax Reality and suggestions to 
Jdrive on the right side of the road, Alexandra a map of the New York train to get around, and Veronica a new laugh. 

— /, Connie Moschetto, leave Chris Wyman all the fun we've had senior year in periods 1,2,3, & 5. 1 also leave him my naked sweat pants. 

— We, the Senior Class, leave Stacy Avila & Heidi Daly some chapstick for their lips, since they go around kissing everyone's boyfriends. 

— /, Beverly Lees, leave K.N. a forever party. 

— /, Melissa McNary, leave to Shanno Witkum a buick regal with a brand new engine. 

— /, Renee Laperriere, leave John a life without Krissie. 

— /, Rafi Brito, leave my friend Neil his buddy coach Fitz. 

— /, Tricia Cieslik, leave Kim Salem twins, step brothers, and best friends. 

— /, Anthony Cimino, leave to my friends a razor blade. 

— /, Dannie Robare, leave to Wendy Allen a bike she won't fall off of . 

— /, Rachel Campbell, leave Nickie White another fire chase with Gaudalupe and the hope that Juana and Miguela stay the African money maker and the African pig trainer forever, 
also a permanent invitation to my dorm and my calling card number so that you won't have an excuse not to call. Souey! 

— /, Jessica Arsenault, leave my half of the brain cell to Becky Wescott. 

— /, Caryn, leave Katie and Tammy all the good times in New Jersey. 

— /, Caryn, leave the man of my dreams, TI-85, with a big screen so he can read my messages. 

— /, Sara Cusack, leave Amy McQuilkin a pair of gold hoop earrings and more wild January nights. 

— /, Sara Cusack, leave Winnie Allen a box and a song to sing about it. 

— /, Liz Drew, leave Sean Laratonda a backless strapless bra. 

— /, Melissa Drew, leave Liz Drew and Christine Bazdanes an ice cream at Friendlies. 

— We, Kerri Demers and Holly D'Angelo leave Jen DeCunto a pair of socks that match her outfits. 

— /, Nicole White, leave Mrs. Bergeron, Mr. Sistini, and everyone else in the senior class play my pastel pleasures. 

— /, Nicole White, leave to the class of 95 a big parking space where the Buick station wagon once parked. 

— /, Jamie Snow, leave Janice and Heather, many more days filled with blue golf balls and crowded hot dog stands. 

— /, Danni Robare, leave Timmy Mailoux an instructional video of the McRobare method. 

— We, Heidi Fearing, Noelle Favazza, and Darlene Ferrara, leave Becky a walker, hearing aid, a marching band, and the clown with big red shoes. 

— We, Dawn Bistany and Tammy Schubert, leave Miguel and Dave a road map and 25 cents for a bum. 

— We, Dawn Bistany, Stephanie Burnes, and Kerrie Valcour, leave Jody Towne a new set of brakes, a pen to fill out the accident report, and the Methuen "M" for more fast getaways. 

— /, John Gerrand, leave Renee, Bill, Charlene, someone else to runaway with, and Krissie a license to drive. 

— /, Gabriel Depew, leave Colleen and Tracy the white hoc that nearly took our lives. 

— /, Liz Drew, leave Melissa great memories. 

— We, Danny Fluet and Ted Dubiel, leave Katie Giglio the latest Anita Baker Album. 

— We, Danny Fluet and Al Anselmi, leave Mr. Fiorentini the Model UN, which, of course, is history by now. 

— /, Rita Gallant, leave Audra Rovinski the back seat of Mr. Bloods' car for all of next year's track meets to yourself. 

— /, Jackie Feugill, leave Jill Ouellette a set of luggage toss on her ego trip. 

— 3rd lunch leaves Nino Chiola a whip and handcuffs for all of his wild and crazy nights. 

— /, Alison Forsythe, leave Lynne a lifetime supply of pixie sticks and memories of all the fun times we've had together. 

— /, Isobel Burke, leave Jen Cormier a couple of rides around the rotary and many more good times together. 

— /, Isobel Burke, leave Annie Brown the memories of all our years of friendship. 

— /, Katie Giglio, leave Tammy Schubert, Kate Bialobreski, Renee Biancardi, and Kerry Valcour many more Fourth of July adventures with Steve Sanders, the Drug Dealer, Scram 
Slam, and Muscle man at Denny's. 

— We, Isobel Burke and Renee Biancardi, leave the Yearbook, if it ever get finished. 

— /, Renee Biancardi, leave Katie Giglio, Caryn Picarillo, Tammy Schubert, and Dawn Bistany Fanuel Hall and the Soccer team we almost missed. P.S. What would we all do without 
Tammy' s cellular phone. 

— /, Renee Biancardi, leave John Feugill a smile and someone to talk to in the halls. 

— We, Rachel Campbell and Isobel Burke, leave Kerri Smith a cushioned wall at the end of the pool so that she won't break her neck doing the backstroke. 

— /, Rachel Campbell, leave Danny Robare a chord of wood, a beaver skin rug, and one last nap in English class. 

— /, Alecia Salvo, leave Wendy Allen a true story to tell. 

— /, Lynne Sarao, leave Kim Salem four years of friendship whose meaning will provide a lifetime of memories. 

— /, David Carol!, leave Renee Biancardi 1110,000th of a point, an essayist speech and student of the week honors. 

— We, the seniors on the field hockey team leave Katie Milton the respect she deserves. 

— /, Eric Riddle leave Donny Mustapha a lifetime supply of kids t' shirts. 

— /, Janice Bashford, leave Jill Packard a drivers license and a car. 

— We, the girls of 5th period gym, leave Jack Bradish a smaller ego and 2 tiny tennis balls. 

— /, Charlene Furnari, leave Renee and Krissie a lifelong friendship. 

— /, Laurie Wedge, leave Stacy and Estelle a dime to call me and we'll always keep in touch. 

— /, Kim Salem, leave Veronica and Tricia 4 years of unforgettable memories that we'll always share no matter how far apart we are. 

— We, the Senior girls, leave Donny and Danny sleeves. 

— We, the Senior girls, leave the Senior boys a years supply of muscle enhancers that do nothing for them. 




If s the year 2005 and we, Tammy Schubert and Kim Salem, decided to take 
time off from our stressful lives as relationship counselors. We felt we need to take 
a trip to Atlantic City, since we were feeling a bit lucky. While on our way, our car 
broke down. We decided to knock on the first door we came to, the woman who 
answered it looked like Carol Brady. Soon after we realized it wasn't Carol 
Brady, but it was Jaime Wyman. Sitting at the kitchen table we found several 
other happily married couples, Sean and Christine Laratonda, Ted and Amy 
Dubiel, and Keith and Heather Dezan. They were discussing how famous defense 
attorney Stephanie Byrnes was to defend "Towne Trucking" owner Charlie 
Towne for yet another misunderstanding. In the living room, Jaime and Chris s 
six children were playing quietly with their teachers Liz Drew andDaniele Dirsa, 
and their sitters Ndebe Selli and Regina Weldon. 

Now, our car was fixed and we were back on our way. At the "Carlos Alfonso 
Orsini Casino" we saw many more familiar faces, including Missy Chase who 
just hit it big on the slot machines. Many of our classmates had become enter- 
tainers. Jaime "Bubbles" Schradermeier and Kerrie "Kiki" Valcour were known 
for their dancing among other things. Nino Chiola is a famous lounge singer with 
back up from trio Becky Brown, Trade Moury, and Sue Gaffney. The last of the 
entertainers were Holly DeAngelo and Jenny Santana, both trying to be the next 
Janet Jackson. 

Luckily, we won big so instead of heading home we decided to head to Cal- 
ifornia. Along the way, we felt we needed new looks. We hired personal advisor 
David Carroll to help us. First, we headed to "The Samataro Salon" and guess 
who we saw working there, Dawn Bistany, Nikki White, and Alecia Salvo whose 
specialties were exotic hair colors. With our new hair styles we were off to the 
mall, owned by tycoon Matt Crabtree. The first store we went to was "The Gap" 
owned by Julie Aziz and managed by Mike Gowell and Marc Campiola. This mall 
had many unique stores. There was a store called "Sieve less" co-owned by 
Donny Mustapha and Danny Bouraphael and an agricultural store co-owned by 
Kate Bialobrzewski, Jeff McEvoy, and Andre Gabryjelski. This store was a 
hangout for many other Methuen High graduates like, Mike Cronin, Tony Firth, 
and Danny Robare. F.B.I, agents Amy McQuilkin, Caryn Picarillo and Renee 
Biancardi also spent many hours in this so called agricultural store. Security 
guard Sandy Michaud spent endless hours trying to control out of hand power 
shoppers Veronica Landry, Tania Leal, Jamie Valente, Maria Brancato, and 
Lynne Sarao. 

On our way out of the mall we had to pass through "T.V. World" owned by 


. . . The Year 2005 

Angel Lopez. We noticed that on one T.V. President Janice Bashford and first- 
man Eric Jeans were talking about the first successful brain transplant performed 
my Dr. Marisele Cintron. On another T.V. was a sports show highlighting WWF 
^wrestlers Rafael Cruz and Rafael Brito, PGA golfers Paul Rapazzo and Dave 
W eagle, marathon runners Mike Jaber and Chris Hollow ay, and finally women 
Ibody builders Keri Tombarelli and Rita Gallant. 

While on a long stretch of highway, we decided to get crazy and race Jen De- 
mers. Unfortunately we were pulled' over by state officers Alison Forsythe and 
(Gary Broderick and incarcerated. While in jail we saw some other familiar faces. 
Jeff Lar come was in for embezzlement. Katie Giglio was there doing time for lit- 
ttering. Brian Milton, Brian Kobrenski, Mike Palmer, and all the Nguyen girls 
were in jail for illegal gambling. 

Attorney Charlene Furnari got us out of jail and now we were off to California. 
\ln the streets ofL.A. we saw many struggling musicians such as John Gerrand, 
Jill Packard, Chris Cardone, Brian Ploetz, and Dave Slipp. They called them- 
selves "The Ranger Pride. " At this time were were feeling hungry so we decided 
ito go to "Little Caesars" owned by JadRamey and Matt Carey who was just voted 
"Sexiest Man Alive." Out in front of the restaurant there was a huge statue of 
\Pope Alan Anselmi. 

Finally, we were off to the beach. We found the tan man Eric Riddle and 
(Coppertone girl Christina Savoy in the water. Lifeguard I sobel Burke just saved 
(Gregg Guy from a freak surfing accident. We also saw cross-dresser Louis Mar- 
itone and beef cake Kevin Wright hanging around the beach. On the nearby 
Ibasketball courts a game was taking place. Bob Ruggiero, Matt Curran, John 
Feugill, Dan Fluet, and Ken Costa were having a tough time taking on Alison 
Moran, Laura Arnold, BevLees, Katie Nye, and Erica Max. TaraNolet couldn t 
jplay due to another injury, and Eric Jeans couldn' t play because Janice Wouldn't 
llet him. 

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and it is time to go home. We 
sold our car and headed to the airport. On the way to our gate we bumped into Sue 
Beauregard who was still having trouble saying goodbye. Next, we were tackled 
by Mike Zoltco, Joe Sanguedolce , and Chuck Silva who were late for the Super - 
bowl. While on the plane we happened to look out the window to see a stadium 
I being prepared for the graduating class of 2005. We hope these students realize 
i as we do now graduation is "not the end, nor is it the beginning, but the end of the 
beginning," as once said by our valedictorian Jaime Lane Wyman. 


Senior Class Day 



r. m ■ 


r u 

Pot your thirst u ice. 

>^ym>»rt fr«tfcw>,ji»» c TO» Caon Ceo C i i m — » i 

*>-.*• *- 






Video Tape Rentals, Sales, 
Equipment Rentals, Repairs 

234 Pleasant Street 

Methuen, MA 01844 

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Stanley J. Wojtas Jr. 
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Good Luck — 
Class of 1994 

From your Friends at. 





For Over 70 years 
Methuen's Only Hometown Bank 

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FDIC & SIF Equal Opportunity Employer iqual houiinc 







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115 Mwrvrna/A £t. 
J/ktfwum, MA (J1 844 










175 Pelham Street 
Methuen, MA 01844 

Bus. (508) 683-8775 
FAX (508) 682-0221 



'Do not drive any faster than your 
guardian angel can fly." 

245 Broadway 
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Tom "Mr. B" Baker 

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An Independently Owned and Operated Member ol The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, inc- 

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J.M. Rozzi 

E & J Music 

Guitars — Basses — Keyboards 
Drums — Sheet & Books 
Music Lessons & Repairs 

Jim Emery 


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Shawsheen Square 

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On Rt. 133 (508) 470-3073 


Methuen Lube, inc. 

to Q.c 488 Broadwa y 

A\ IV M3 Methuen, MA 01844 
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"We don't give you time to miss your car" 




m^ — J fab BEST 0F LUCK 




From Your Friends At: 



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CMrnvmoLmr ISUZU 



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John Hancock Mutual Life 
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Class of "1994" 


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Congratulations Class of "1994" 


Leonard J. Annaloro, E.A. 

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Little Sprouts Child Enrichment Center 


Good Luck Class of '94! 
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The Methuen Journal 

Methuen } s hometown weekly newspaper 

... wish the Methuen High 
y Class of '94 

good luck in the future. 


Education is the key 

to your happiness! 



Charity's Studio of Photography 

125 Tyler St. 
Methuen, MA 01844 
688-7880 I 

Official photographer of the 1994 yearbook. 

/ I 





inii Ti*B'ri*a in